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Mick Avory in a new band  

The Class of 64's first CD out now where the band is playing
hits of  the Hollies, The Tremeloes and The Kinks.
You find a link in "the boys" sections of  KINK-LINKS on Mick Avory 3 (or here)
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 "Hands for Ray"

Our  houseartist "KarmaNN" was so inspired by the pictures from Odense that he made a new series of  pictures called: "Hands for Ray" You can have a look here.

Pictures of Ray from Odense
This i how it looks from the back seats. - Go to Odense 04 in "On the Road"-section

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The Nordic Ray Invation 

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Have you ever seen this all time KINKS star band
in the KINKS-LINKS section? 

It even comes with links to all of the boys.
You can have a look here!

18 names are now in the I was there section
Ray won!
8 fantastic

Here a summery of our links to writings and reviews in  nordic Newspapers on The Nordic Ray Invation:
Oslo:| dagsavisen |
Bergen: | bt.no | tv2 |
Stavanger: | Aftenbladet |
Trondheim: | Adressa | Adressa | Adressea 1 | Adressa 2 |
Århus: | gaffa.dk | Århus Stiftstidene |
Odense: | Fyns Stiftstiende
Helsinki: | HELSINGIN SANOMAT (in english)
Stockholm: | Aftonbladet | Dagens Nyheter | Corren.se | Blind höna |
Gotenburg: | Göteborgs-posten | GT | GT |

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Ray has invaded Gothenburg

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Gothenburg are waiting
Only for Ray this time.
Göteborgs-posten     GT  
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Ray doesn't close the door
"Ray Davies is open for The Kinks

Ray Davies is not closing the door for new meetings with The Kinks.

- My brother wants to, the others want to, maybe me too

We have to see, says the poplegend." 
Ray Davies öppen för The Kinks

Ray Davies stänger inte dörren för nya 
möten med The Kinks.

- Min bror vill, de andra vill, 
jag kanske vill. 

Vi får se, säger poplegendaren.

151004 in GPnöje Gothenburg Sweden

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Ray has invaded Stockholm
Aftonbladet   Dagens Nyheter
      blind höna

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Ray has invaded Helsinki
Nearly forty years on, a peek into The Kinks' treasure chest
Ray Davies in fine fettle with songs old and new
CONCERT  Ray Davies and Band, Finlandia Hall, October 16th By Jarkko Jokelainen HELSINGIN SANOMAT

On Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site you can find Thorbjörn Pluten  excellent review of  Ray Davies concert in Finlandia House Hall, Helsinki, Finland. click here
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Ray has invaded Odense
There are some pictures on the road - for the WhyKinks. Here is a danish review, while we are waiting: Fyns Stiftstiende

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Ray has invaded Århus
Ray Davies Train, Århus Live
Dato: 12/10-2004
Billede: Toke Hage
gaffa.dkÅrhus Stiftstidene
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Ray has invaded Trondheim
Trondheim"Not many artists can match the back catalog of Ray Davies, but there are of course "second best" solutions. Next year for instance, we would be happy to give you Bee Gees or Hollies or Who or Stones…"
(from Adresseavisen, Trondheim another one
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Please help!
If anybody has setlist or pictures from 
Ray's Nordic Invation 
please send it to
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StavangerRay has invaded Stavanger 
"Some times it's  would be tempting to run amuck and crash the chairs in our venerable concert-hall and with that speed up the building of a new chairless concert-hall."
from: aftenbladet, Stavanger

The local newspaper "Rogaland Avis" gave the concert 6 out of 6. 

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Ray has invaded Bergen 
BergenFriday Ray was in Bergen. Our contact person is still impossible to speak to. We expect that he's coming down from the clouds tomorrow. (091004)

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Norwegian group De Musikalske Dvergene toghether with Frode Alnæs will have concert were they cover Kinks songs in Oslo at November 26th. With some luck it is still possible to reach the meeting of the Official Kinks Fan Club at the Boston Arms on Sunday, November 28th. Kast Off Kinks are the main attaction this year too..
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Set list in Oslo.
You can find set list, pictures and so on from the Oslo concert in the "on the road" section. Look here!
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Has Mick Avory a Norwegian girlfriend?
Ray Davies with rumors on his concert in Oslo.
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  Ray with regards
   from his
  brother Dave.

The Norwegian audience gave a big hand for Dave on Ray's concert in Oslo. 
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Review from Aftenposten: Oslopuls
Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet after a generous meeting with a living icon.  Under Oslo 04 in the On the road-menu you can take a look on the whole review.     
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The Ray Invation has started.
Oslo is falling down - on her knees. We love you. Until tomorrow is true that both The Kinks and Ray Davies last concert was in Oslo.

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Village Green Preservation Society 
(Sanctuary) Topranked in Aftenposten, Norway 
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Norway is waiting
For our Scandinavien readers, here are some norwegian links. bt.nodagsavisenadressa
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Waiting for the Ray Invation:
"the enthusiasm of a newcomer and the easy charm of a veteran"
 From a reviuw in The Guardian
Bloomsbury Theatre, London

Robin Denselow  Friday October 1, 2004
"Forty years on from the release of the Kinks' first hit, You Really Got Me, he could have played safe with the music and left the audience happy with a greatest hits set. Instead, he mixes the old favourites with Kinks rarities and a batch of new songs from his forthcoming solo album. He may be 60, but at the Bloomsbury he shows both the enthusiasm of a newcomer and the easy charm of a veteran who knows that many of his songs are classics."
Arts TelegraphIndependent.co.uk

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Still hope!
Ray Davies:
"I don't know at this point if we're going to play again."

In an interview 10 September 2004 in the independent.co.uk Ray Davies get this question from Ian Birrell: 

"So what of The Kinks, who last played together in June 1996 in Norway?"

Ray answers:
"They're dead. No, they can't be dead. I'm having to deal with them every day so they're still very much alive. I don't know at this point if we're going to play again. But we are all speaking and friendly." He adds that he is sifting through a cache of newly discovered tracks, which may be released soon."

You find the whole interview here.
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The Ray Invation
The complete Nordic tour:
(List from the one and only Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site Established as early as in March 1994)
Oct. 7, 2004: Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway.
Oct. 8, 2004: Grieg Hall, Bergen, Norway. Tickets from www.billettservice.no.
Oct. 9, 2004: Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger, Norway.
Oct. 11, 2004: A circus tent on the city square, Trondheim, Norway. Tickets from www.billettservice.no.
Oct. 12, 2004: The Train, Aarhus, Denmark.
Oct. 13, 2004: Rytmeposten, Odense, Denmark.
Oct. 16, 2004: Finlandia House Hall, Helsinki, Finland. Tickets from Lippupalvelu.
Oct. 17, 2004: The Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden.
Oct. 18, 2004: Konserthuset, Gothenburg, Sweden. Tickets from www.gso.se.
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at last:
Very Respectable Men
This is the english translation of : "Veldig respektable menn" a new record with Songs by Ray Davies and The Kinks.
           De Musikalske       
     Dvergene/Frode Alnæs
Veldig respektable menn
             sanger av 
  Ray Davies og The Kinks

This dedicated project started back in 1998, and the editors have for a long time, with a lot of other fans, waited for this release. The release party is in Bergen 24. September. We will be back with a rewiev as soon as the record arrive the shops 
For more information in norwegian you can look here.

Ray in Oslo:
If YOU are interested 
there will be a fan meeting before the concert.
Please contakt

kaa and at 040914

Dedicated fans meet Dave in Potsdam

(the picture is a manipulation of four different pictures from the concert in  postdam) From left: Helge Buttkereit, Christiana Hoppe, Sandra Heller, Stefan Gies and Arve Tunstad.
For more info, see Helge's Kinks web site
For a bigger picture, see Berlin 04, in the "On the road" section.
at 040914
Kinks in the woods
At Ollerup, Fyn, Denmark on june12,on Ragnarock, a local music festival for music students and relatives, (and some of the  neighbours) one of the youthbands played four kinkssongs just after one of the members of -editoral board arrived.

Kongsberg, Norway
"Waterloo Sunset"
From 26. June - 11. July the Norwegian artist Daniel Østvold held an exibition called "Waterloo Sunset" on the "Barn" in Kongsberg, with installations and paintings. On the main wall  Østvold had placed 12 guitars in the positon of the first notes of "Waterloo Sunset". We hope to get an interview with the artist about The Kinks' influence on modern Norwegian art.