The Mark Four

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The Mark Four were one of the top local bands around north London and Hertfordshire in the early 60's. The band was formed from Jimmy Virgo and The Bluejacks around late 1963. During the year of 1963, The Bluejacks went through a number of personnel changes:- Jack Jones took over from Pete Wilson on drums, Michael (spud) Thompson for Fred Wilkinson on rhythm guitar and then Jimmy Virgo decided to leave the band mid 1963. We used a singer from Welwyn Garden City for a few gigs, before auditioning Kenny Picket late 1963. It was at this time we decided to change our name to Kenny Lee & The Mark Four.   It was January 1964 we auditioned Eddie Philips at the Salisbury Arms Hoddesdon, to take over from Norman Mitham on lead guitar and the line up was complete.   The Mark Four became a very hard working band, playing five or six nights every week (see list below).  It was March 1964 we did our first tour of Germany opening a brand new night club called The Big Ben Club in Wilhelmshaven north Germany.  This proved to be invaluable experience, playing eight, thirty minute sets, seven days a week.  We recorded our first record ( Rock Around The Clock ) in March 64 and released it in may. The follow up record was another cover called Try It Baby in August 1964, and it wasn't  until  August 1965 we got the first Picket-Philips song  Hurt Me If You Will.  Spud and I decided to leave the band, with our last gig at The Witchdoctor Club, Hastings on 31 October 1965.  Shortly after that the band changed there name to THE CREATION.



1   Returning from Germany                 15   Falcon Inn  Eltham                    

2                                                        16  The Wolsey Hall Cheshunt

3   The Phurlow Arms Norwood         17  Rotherhide Assembly Rooms

4   Athenian Muswell Hill                    18  Cheshunt Boys Club

5   Inferno Club Welling Kent             19  The Cambridge Edmonton

6  St Peters in the field                        20 Falcon Inn Eltham                                         

7                                                       21  White Heart Tottenham

8   Robin Hood Dagenham                22  Robin Hood Dagenham

9   Epping Public Hall                        23  Chaz-Don Dalston

10  St. Healiar Arms Carshalton         24  Tigers Head Catford

11  Sims Motors Finchley                 25  St.Pauls Winchmore Hill

12  Angle Edmonton                         26  U.S.A.F  Base ?

13                                                    27  St.Healier Arms Carshalton

14  Tigers Head Catford                   29  Blyth Hotel Sevenoaks

30  Inferno Welling Kent


Rock Around The Clock / Slow Down

Mercury MF 815 (May 1964)

Try It Baby / Crazy Country Hop

Mercury MF 825 (August 1964)

Hurt Me If You Will / Iím Leaving

Decca F 12204 (August 1965)

Work All Day (Sleep All Night) / Going Down Fast)

Fontana TF 664 (February 1966)

Live At The Beat Scene Club E.P.

Bam Carouso OPRA 37 (1985)


You Be My Baby / Sick And Tired


Say Mama / Brand New Cadillac

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