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24/9, 15-18 på Lundetangen Pub Skien, Norway.  
20/8 Halden
7/06 "Per på Hjørnet" Oslo, CJ.  Hambros plass 5.
07/05 2011 "Alexandria" 
Thv Meyersgt 85
5/04 "Per på Hjørnet" Oslo, CJ.  Hambros plass 5.
26/02 "Alexandria", Oslo, Norway

"Willys Bar"

 "Per på Hjørnet" Oslo, CJ.  Hambros plass 5.
"Alexandria" Oslo, Norway
6-7/11 2010

"Elm Street Rock Cafe" Kai60 Oslo, Norway
Friday 28/9, 2007 21:00 David Watts (trio)  at Elvins 
Oslo, Norway  
"David Watts Duo"
Strømmen Norway
Oslo, Norway
"Per På Hjørnet" 
Oslo, Norway
"Gamle Baker'n Pub & Pizza",
Åros, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Bilder fra Arken finner du her27/5-05
"Noahs Ark"
Oslo, Norway
Bilder fra konserten finner du her29/3-05
"Parkteatrets Kafe"
Oslo, Norway
Café Radio, Skien, Norway
"Per På Hjørnet"
Oslo, Norway
"Karl P" 
Lillestrøm, Norway
Bilder fra konserten på Bardus06/02-05 
Oslo, Norway
Bilder fra konserten14/01-05 
Oslo, Norway
"Per på hjørnet"
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
"Oslo Kretsfengsel, avd B" The first consert is held in a prison, the day before Ray's last concert in Oslo.


Established 15.02.05

      From the press 
The newspaper Varden, Skien, Norway 12. February  2005:
Kinks-tribute band David Watts from Oslo coming to Café Radio, Skien.   
link  (in norwegian)
On January 19, 2005 in the News & Rumors section of Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site: whykinks.net has photos from Ray's show in Greve, as well as photos of  Norwegian Kinks tribute band  David Watts....

 The Kinks 

Having gone from British Invasion hitmakers to late Sixties cult heroes to bonafide arena-filling rock stars in the Seventies and Eighties, the Kinks are, it would seem, cult heroes again for the time being - a position that their bright and sometimes discomfited leader no doubt savors. On the eve of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, Ray Davies had this to say: "The Kinks have always been outsiders. I'm an outsider. To be accepted is unique for us. I'm pleased for the people who believed in me all along. It's nice for them to know that their faith wasn't misplaced." To quote a slogan popular with those who love the band, "God Save the Kinks."
from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

24. sept kl 15-18 Lundetangen Pub,Skien.   http://www.lundetangenpub.no/


plays the best of
lørdag 7. mai fra kl 22.

Alexandria Musikkbar, Oslo
26/02 Alexandria, Oslo, Norway

Thv Meyersgt 85, lørdag 26. februar kl 22. facebook

25/02 Willys Bar, Oslo, Norway
Fred Olsensgt 11, 25. februar fra kl 20  
NEW:   7/06 "Per på Hjørnet"
  5/04 "Per på Hjørnet" 
            oslopuls (stem)
01/02-2011 "Per på hjørnet"
David Watts are back!
Book Soon, you never know.
Fortis Green

Dave Davies tribute from the Spivs!
From our archive, 18/11 2006:

Lars from "David Watts" and Arve from "WhyKinks"

"David Watts" at Alexandria 6-7/11 2010
- Village Green -

"David Watts" at Alexandria 6-7/11 2010
- Animal Farm -

"David Watts" at Alexandria 6-7/11 2010
- Rosy Won't You Please Come Home -

"David Watts" at Alexandria 6-7/11 2010
- A Long Way From Home -

"David Watts" at Alexandria 6-7/11 2010
- I'm Not Like Everybody Else -

Elm Street Rock Cafe 23/10-2010 Kai60
1/4 watts at kolben 24/1-09
((Part of
Beckstrøms quartet)


Lars has gone, where are you?
David Watts at Elvins 28/9-07
David Watts (trio) are playing at Elvins Oslo, Norway on Friday  28/9, 21:00
"David Watts Duo" (Lars and Torbjørn) 
plays at  "STÅL MAT og VINHUS" 
Strømsveien 85, 2010 Strømmen  30/11 kl 20-22.
David Watts plays on Elvins, Kongsvn 104, Friday 15. september 21.00. On this concert with Øystein Jevanord, ex De Lillos and AHA, on drums.
25/10-05 "Per På Hjørnet" Oslo, Norway

Pictures, sounds and video
kaa 06.11.05
New concert:
17/9-05 "Gamle Baker'n Pub & Pizza",
in Åros, Norway
Father Christmas isn't on the new reportoar list. 
From 39 to 66
David Watts' Repertoire-list is growing longer.
New concerts:
16/9-05  "Elvins" Oslo, Norway
25/10-05 "Per På Hjørnet" Oslo, Norway
Will David Watts play Father Christmas?

"Father Christmas, give us some money
Don't mess around with those silly toys
We'll beat you up if you don't hand it over
We want your bread, so don't make us annoyed
Give all the toys to the little rich boys"

Look if "Father Christmas" is on "David Watts" playlist yet, look here.

"Noha's Ark"
Next: 27/5-05 "Noahs Ark" Oslo, Norway
"Noahs Ark" Thorvald Meyers gat
e at 23.00

Click to hear Waterloo Sunset, see pictures of the band and some of the audience.
s Kafe"
Oslo, Norway

Will a concert at Rock Bottom finally  bring "David Watts" the recognition they so well deserve?
When Dave Davies released his album "Rock Bottom, Live at the Bottom Line" this was Michael R. Meyer's review:

"In his new release, 27.06.00, Dave shines as a star of the first magnitude, securing his place as the Founder and Exemplar of Hard Rock. From the first to the last tone, Rock Bottom captures all the dynamic energy, Martian edgyiness, and Uranian attitude that rock is all about. The quintessence of almost 40 years of rock, Rock Bottom is undoubtedly one of the finest live rock recording ever, and carries too many "best versions" to mention here. Will Rock Bottom finally bring Dave Davies the recognition he so well deserves?"
Coming soon:
29/3-05 "Parkteatrets Kafe"  Oslo, Norway
Café Radio, Skien, Norway 25/3
Photo contest: 
Best "David Watts" picture of the year.
Big reward
Perhaps even a "The Kinks" cd.(oooaaaahh)
Please, send your contribution to
29/3 "Parkteatrets Kafe" Oslo, Norway
25/3 "Cafe Radio" Skien, Norway 
1/3 "Per på hjørnet" Oslo, Norway 
"David Watts" to Lillestrøm
On 26/2-05 David Watts are playing on "Karl P" 
Lillestrøm, Norway.
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa  - Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa 
I wish I could play like "David Watts"! 

"David Watts" was playing for more than three hours in a four sets gig on "Bardus" yesterday. 
A lot of fun for all Kinks-lovers, don't miss their next concert.

The Boys in the Band
The Kinks tribute band "David Watts" started in 2004. The members are today:
Lars Birkelund (vocals, guitar) 
Torbjørn Holte (guitar, vocals) 
Eirik Lie (bass, vocals) web
Luis Landa (drums) 

The Start  6/10-04

"Oslo Kretsfengsel, avd B" The first consert is held in a prison, the day before Ray's last concert in Oslo.

The Lyrics
"I am a dull and simple lad 
Can not tell water from champagne 
And I have never met the queen 
And I wish I could have all that he has got 
I wish I could be like David Watts"
"David Watts" is the opening song on "Something Else" (1967) (Here you find it all)
The Norwegian Singel

(from the cover)
In Oct 1967 on Pye, DAVID WATTS is out on a Norwegian singel, as the b-side of Autumn Almanac.

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