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Thursday April 24, 2003
Dave Davies: Kinks Reunion Possible
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"Maybe there were too many ideas," reflects Dave on the infighting. "That was the cause of a lot of emotional creative pressure. There was just too much to deal with. I wanted to do this and Ray had his ideas and a lot of it was just bumping heads with too many ideas. But I think it worked at its best when it was complementary, when there was a fusion of our ideas. I think that's when it all worked the best, when it all came together in these peaks like 'Come Dancing' and 'All Day And All Of The Night;' there were these peaks between. You know, we've been talking about doing something. We're not sure exactly what. I think we're going to do something but we just need to define the details a little bit. It would be nice."

Interview with Dave Davies

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E.C.: Do you think the Kinks will ever do a reunion tour?

Dave: It would be nice, I know that Pete is a little unwell, but he is fit. I think it would be nice to do something…when you consider that the original Kinks lineup are still alive.

 January 1999
Comeback Kink The Guitar Magazine -
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"So with everybody's creative and emotional heads back in the right place these days, is there any chance of a Kinks reunion? 'Noooo,' declares Davies with a strenuous shake of the head. Sucks, man. I hate that whole reunion/comeback thing - "Hey hey, we're the Monkees..." No disrespect to The Monkees, but... Ugh! I'm really enjoying my solo thing, and I've got a band that I really like, so that's all going great. I'd like us maybe to get together in the studio and make an album, or at least me and Ray as The Kinks. Now, that would be fun."