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At the Norwegian Wood Festival, Oslo, Norway, Jun. 15, 1996 The Kinks entered the stage togheter for the last time so far. The KINKS last concert? We don't know. Did they? We are wondering. This web-site presents the questions, could you help us with the answers?

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Spiders' webs and black cats
Cockroaches and sewer rats
Full moons and witches hats
Creepy crawlies, vampire bats - phobia
I'm talking about phobia
                                                       From Phobia, Ray Davies, 1991


presents some cuttings from some other web-sites:

1. Can I see the Kinks play live?

"You can't see a non-existing-band playing live. But you can see Ray or Dave solo. The last Kinks concert was in 1996 (Oslo) and this was a festival gig with Greatest Hits material". 



October 2, 1996

2. Davies unravels decades of Kinks

-- Toronto Sun

Davies' current tour with 20th Century Man also coincides with the Oct. 15 release of To The Bone, a 30-song double CD Kinks retrospective that includes two new tracks.

And although he's planning a new solo album that will be based on 20th Century Man, he says. The Kinks are thinking about touring next year.

"We did three concerts this summer in Europe, big festivals - the last one we played ... was in Oslo in July and the band was fantastic."


Sjarmerende nostalgi