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More Pictures from the Convention 
The first half of the 26/11, with a visit to Clissold Arms. Interactive  "The Kinks Wall"
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Pictures from the Convention 2005
Alf I.Veber Loves The Kinks
In Norwegian price-winning author Jan Kjærstad's last novel "The King of Europe" the main caracter Alf I. Veber is a passionated kinks-lover:
"In Alf's ears the last albums, Face to face, Something Else and The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, where revelations of the same inscrutible nature as the Holy Trinity." (The King of Europe, p.52)

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at 07.11.05
David Watts with brassline

On the 25th.october "David Watts" played a great concert on the pub "Per på hjørnet" Oslo, Norway. During the night they where joined by a brassline of three. The music of The Kinks was put into new dimensions.
You can have a look on the pictures here. (also a video and some soundtracks)
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You can get an exclusive clip about the making of
 Ray Davies's forthcoming album 
"Other Peoples Lives"
by clicking here.

kaa 04.11.05

To webmasters: Right-click this logo, press "save image as" to make a link to whykinks at your website. is proud to announce that the director of the movie from last years convention Tom Visscher has asked us to give a helping hand on getting the movie out to the Kinks fans around the world. 
kaa /at 29.09.05

a film from The Official Kinks Fan Club Convention 2004.



Director: Tom Visscher

If you have never been to The Konvention, this movie will make you rush for a ticket! Read what Henny and Herman of The Kinky2 has to say: 

"..THE MOVIE..gives a very good impression of this one and only kinky London-weekend. I think of it as a unique experience. Very friendly, every year. That's why I'm glad more people can watch now, thanx to you, how things are happening on a Sunday Afternoon in November. And see for themselves what a special treat it is." 
go to the the movie and the interview
kaa /at 29.09.05
Man, they're still rocking the place.
The Kinky2 about  THE KAST OFF KINKS:  
"Just watch this movie and see for yourselves. 
Man, they're still rocking the place. It's the cream on the scone!"

go to the the movie and the interview

Photo: www.whykinks.net

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John Dalton:
"- We hope to have two or three new songs for the convention, but we dont think about the songs we are going to do until a couple of weeks before the gig.", says John Dalton to WhyKinks.net. 

So, everybody: Prepare for a spectacular sunday in november!
at 29.09.05

New dawn for Sunset songwriter
Reviewed by John Aizlewood, Evening Standard (29 September 2005)
link to review
kaa 29.09.05
Ray at Royal Albert Hall:
'a surprise the roof is still on'
By the time he gets to "Days", taken a cappella like a hymn, the wonders are overwhelming. By "Waterloo Sunset", it's a surprise the roof is still on.
link to the review
kaa 29.09.05
Ray:"If me and my brother sat down and played together and if we felt that any of the music that came out of that was relevant and had a reason to it, then we'd make another record. I wouldn't do it for a golden oldies tour though"
look here - and here
kaa 29.09.05
In The Viking-town York
"Ray brought the house down"
"DEDICATED followers of Ray Davies filled the Grand Opera House at York last night and witnessed something quite sensational.
It was the first gig of his latest UK tour and this inspired icon of British popular music brought the house down."  Review: Ray Davies, Grand Opera House, York
by Jon Butler
link to the
kaa 27.09.05

"The hidden side of Mr. Davies"
interview with Ray Davies on icWales.
"'I think the reason is that we were the original DIY rock 'n' roll band. With the greatest respect to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, The Kinks made it by being a ragamuffin outfit."
link to the interview
kaa 25.09.05
It's up to you:
"He never will forget at all
The day he played at the Albert Hall."

Take your friends with you, make your friends take pictures of each other, outside or inside the Royal Albert Hall, and send it to
Startpage and we will get you on the air. And be sure that all of your friends are there, and of course all of their friends too.

Sept. 28, 2005: Royal Albert Hall, London. 0207 5898212 Get tickets here.
kaa 23.09.05

"David Watts" at Elvins
Pictures from David Watts concert at Elvins 16-09-05 Oslo, Norway. "David Watts" is one of the moust famous Norwegian "The Kinks" coverband.
look and listen
kaa 23.09.05

21/09/2005 21:03:

"DAVE DAVIES is hopeful he can persuade his brother RAY to agree to reform the legendary British band."
kaa 23.09.05
21/09/2005 21:03  

Dave: "It could be as easy as picking up the telephone"
kaa 23.09.05
21/09/2005 21:03

Dave: "complex and difficult " more
The pictures of Ray and Dave is taken on the Kinks last concert; at the Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo, June 15, 1996,  by Jan Øivind Jensen.

kaa 23.09.05
Ray Davies:
The Tourist
Recorded in London,February 2003, this is one of the songs from his forthcoming solo LP ‘Other People’s Lives’

Downloads: 7-digital napster.co.uk

kaa 20.09.05
September 07, 2005 Guest contributors Ray Davies 
New Orleans 
- the ideal place to get shot  
to the article
New observation from the last show (Oslo June 15, 1996) is now received 
Was it the printouts from Kinks mailinglist?
Are there anybody out there that knows?
look here

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Where you there, when they played for the last time?
You can now find 27 person present at The Kinks Last Concert (Oslo June 15, 1996) on the Yes, I was there page.
kaa 05.09.05
From 39 to 66
The Repertoire of "David Watts" the Norwegian The Kinks tribute band is growing. 
But still we miss "Father Christmas"

You can have a look here.
kaa 05.09.05