London-05 The Kinks Fan Club Convention 2005

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Boston Arms  27.11.05 (26-30) ("The WhyKinks Tour") 2004


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On the road to...  Clissold Arms  Boston Arms   


Hyde Park  Peter Watkins Kinky2  Kast Off Kinks "I was there" 


28/11 Editors edit, eat, think and walk around, on the road - but on the track?  


Looking around  Muswell Hill  Clissold Arms  
30/11 On the road from...  


   Nov. 27, -05: Boston Arms, London. The annual Official Kinks Fan Club convention
   Photoes - Sound-cuts - Video-clips:
 Simon van den Bergh
   Arve Tunstad
   Kai Arne Armann

   Hello Everbody, here are pictures from the
   2005 "Official Kinks Fan Club Convention"
   It isn't easy to know the difference between personal 
    and private, here is our try. Please join us if you have
    pictures, sounds, videoes, text, lyrics, and ?? 
    Send it here:

On the road to...

Clissold Arms, with the  interactive KinksWall !!!!

Singalong on Boston Arms! - With sound-and videoclips Ray was seen in the park last year.....
Peter Watkins The two and only - Kinkey2
The Kast Off Kinks This is the world best fans..
Looking for Muswell Hillbillies - and other tracks
Back on Clissold  Arms - warmed welcomed by the staff.

The last day in town - on the road for home

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