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  The first circle  


how, when, who    
    The Last Show    
    The Flowers    
    All the other things    
    Your Opinions?    
    The Park    
    The Suits    

Oslo 96:

Intro The second circle  
    The picctures    
    The setlist     
    The poster    
    The Reviews    
    I was there    
    Noorwegian Wood    

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  The tird circle  
    A picture    
    A song    
    An emplifier    
    A web-site    
    A sound    
    A story    

On the air

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 This is the news section - and you also finds buttons and links to almost every other
 pages on  the WhyKinks-site. Many of our readers bookmarks this site as their
 favourite  site.  Here are some of the buttons and links you find on the "On the  air"-site:


A The Kinks Reunion? - This Button leeds you to "what are they saying now" -part under "on the track"-section

Click on the picture, and you will learn more about Ray's new album

Ray is on the Road, WhyKinks is on the track and we all hear him in the air?!

Click and you get the biggest fabclubkonvent-site ever!

The Reunion
The Last album
The Video 
The Tour
The Konvent
    Reunion button Talk or making  
    "Other People's lives" intern: HOME    Description  reviews   articles   charts   music   mix   when   prices   covers
extern: Pressphotoes  lyricks
    The Video button 29 videos from The Tube  
    Tour button Ray's Nordic way  
    Konvent buton    


On the road to...  Clissold Arms  Boston Arms   
    27/11-05 Hyde Park  Peter Watkins Kinky2  Kast Off Kinks "I was there" 
    28/11-05 Editors edit, eat, think and walk around, on the road - but on the track?


Looking around  Muswell Hill  Clissold Arms  
    30/11-05 On the road from...  
    Play Again Kinks vote reasons names  
    Yes, I was there 30 persons present at The Kinks Last Concert Oslo-15/6-96  
    poll Vote for best Album, Reunion and WhyKinks  


Link to: Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site -  
Link to: Ray Davies offical website  
Link to: Dave Davies offical website  

On the road

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as whykinks



London 03 Fan Club meeting at the Boston Arms, Nov. 30, 2003
The Pubs :  
The Consert :Waiting The Bands Arve
Looking Around :
workingAlbert&Arve Royal Albert Hall
                  Hall with(out) Kai

Earth Galleries Life Galleries

oxford carnaby
Soho Chinatown The bus back home
Conclusion :Arve Kai
Berlin 04 Dave Davies - Potsdam, Germany - June 13, 2004 
Bigger picture Stefan's pictures setlist
Oslo 04 Ray Davies - Rockefeller 07.10.04
setlist pictures editors with friend review  
Odense 04 Pictures and "Hands for Ray"
"Hands for Ray"
london 04 The Kinks Fan Club Convention 2004

Clissold Arms(the 27.)  more    Boston arms Kinky 2 Kast Off Kinks Leukemia Fund Fans Ray News Editors

  Greve 05    

serie1 serie2 Setlist It's over Mix

  Ringsted 05    
    1. Bjørn Inge Haugan - 2. Arve T.  Link to Jan Jakobsens Flash-show  
  Kløften 05    

Haderslev Kløften-05 Soon Grey Yellow White1 White 2 Kløften by night Mix Thanks

  London 05    


On the road to...  Clissold Arms  Boston Arms   
  27/11-05 Hyde Park  Peter Watkins Kinky2  Kast Off Kinks "I was there"   
  28/11-05 Editors edit, eat, think and walk around, on the road - but on the track?
  29/11-05 Looking around  Muswell Hill  Clissold Arms  
  30/11-05 On the road from...  
    Utrecht 06    
    Nordic Way 06    
    Trondheim 06 Ray Davies  
    Oslo 06 Ray Davies  



Links to concerts from 1996 to 2004 (the start of WhyKinks) 

    Oslo 92 94 96 The Kinks  
    Oslo 99 04 06 Ray Davies  
    Bergen +++    
     (roadlinks) Links to concerts before 1996  
      A nordic concert overview   

On the track

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Ray:  "it was not such an open-minded place"

    dave Dave:  "Maybe there were too many ideas"  
    comments comments - from the rest and all the others  
    interviews Ray Mick Dave Pete  
    stories Shortstories - from all over the world  
    art  comming later  

splits ? - brothers with arms The Beatles Led Zeppelin CCR The Clash Pink Floyd

    links Track-Links- trying to track them down    
    talking "Is there life after breakfast?   Yes there is!"  


    Play again Kinks Play it again, Kinks Vote here, for The Kinks reunion!  
    quiz "you know you're moving much too fast"  
    a picture Not so fast please  


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    albums The Kinks Albums - 32 of them from 1964 -1996  
    cast The members of the band  
    Norwegian hits "VG-lista" The norwegian charts for singles and albums  
      A nordic concert overview   




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    top the best KINK's sites on the web  
    boys the boys in the band (many of them(12))  
    fan fansites and fans sites    
    rate whats the best KINK's album, song etc.  
    reviews links to critics - bad and good  
    alike KINK's alike  
    inspired KINK's inspired  
    mix funny, strange and everything  

links to links-collections

    langua Kink's sites in different languages (16)  
    links to Links to WhyKinks  


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Top 100-500 list

Top 100-500 lists - of great bands and their music  
    Artistlinks links to the artists  
    the best of BRITISH ROCK   
    perhaps the circle comes here too?  

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The first page for many of you, a good start.  

Why Intro - did they know  
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      The Other Things  
      The Opinions  
      The Park  
      The Suits  

Oslo Intro  
      I was there  
      Norwegian Wood  

Kinks Intro  
      A picture  
      A song  lenker der nå???  
      An emplifier  
      A web-site  
      A sound  
      A story  

Other bands Intro  
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