Herman Gombert - Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals                                                                              Henny Stahli - Vocals, Kazoo, Percussion
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Established 15.02.05 

06.12.09 05:51:
The Dutch Riffers

Herman Gombert, guitar player extraordinaire with “The Kinky2”

 Sad. So sad.

 Herman Gombert,  guitar player extraordinaire with “The Kinky2”, passed away last Monday, due to a heart attack.

 I met Herman for the first time around 1985. We shared the same strong passion: “The Kinks”. Soon we started playing in a band called “The Race”. Herman and I started playing and performing Kinks-songs in an acoustic way in 1989. Around 1996 there was a time-out.

 In 2001 we got back together as we were invited to be the support of “The Kast Off Kinks” in Holland . We did so well that we were invited to support them also in London, during the Konventions and on several other locations. An unbelievable experience.

 That was a great, new start for us. From that moment in 2001 we were called “The Kinky2”. We did numerous shows in Holland and abroad (England).

 We made cd’s and during one of our performances in London in 2005, our mutual hero Ray Davies saw us busy on stage, he grabbed the mike and gave us a huge compliment in front of the best audience in the world: true Kinksfans from all over.

  I think, by then we had reached more than we could ever imagine. Herman was as proud as could be to reach this –unexpected- goal.

 A little later, we were even invited to perform live in Hollands’ most popular music TV show, watched by 1.300.000 viewers. We both were very proud that we got this special opportunity.

 He was very disappointed when I told him last August, I wanted to stop with “The Kinky2” to explore new challenges.

 I want to thank Herman for the many, many highlights we shared together.

He will be missed immensely.


P.S. The email address of his girlfriend Renée: r.couvreur@nki.nl

We miss you
                                 Thanks for all the music and good memories, Arve and Kai

May 21, 2009
First rehearsal of some Kinks-songs.

Why didn't Kinky2 have their last concert in Scandinavia? Is it possible?
kaa 061108
It isn't to late: 
If you got pictures or stories on Kinky2  mailto:kinky2@whykinks.net
Kinky2 on YouTube:


Dear All,
After years of playing Ray & Kinks songs in “The Kinky2”, Henny (vocals) has decided to put an end to his collaboration with Herman (guitar), mainly to concentrate on his own songwriting from now on.

Herman urges to state he disagrees with this decision wholeheartedly. However, for Henny it’s final.

So “The Kinky2” will split up.

“The Kinky2” want to express their deepest gratitude towards all who have supported us during our many performances in Holland & England. It truly was a wonderful experience for us to be so close to so many of you.  

Thanx again to all and stay Kinky!

Henny & Herman  



(from KPS)
Dear Kinkers!

"THE KINKY2" (the Dutch acoustical tribute to The Kinks) were recently invited to join the Top2000 a GoGo-show on Dutch TV, about 1 million viewers! Last week the show was recorded.

It will be aired on Saturday December 29th at 19.30 hours, Nederland 3. It's repeated the same night at 24.00 hours.

There's also a chance the show will be available on the Internet. If so, I'll let you know!

We were asked to tell about the story how we got involved as a support act with "The Kast Off Kinks", back in 2001.

Which eventually ended up in "The Kinky2" playing London/England 8 times as
a support act in 5 years (which is quite remarkable for a Dutch act). We
even performed at John Dalton's private birthday party in 2004! Oh yeah!

In the coming TV-show we'll be playing a short Kinky live segment, have an interview next and some footage will be shown of "The Kinky2" backed by "The Kast Off Kinks"! That's when John "Nobby" Dalton called us on stage with
them in 2003 and announced it as: It's about time "The Kinky2" will be "The
Kinky6" for a while!

In 2004 Ray saw us perform in London again and he gave us the best ever compliment one could get!

We're proud and honored, so we want to share it with you! So, Saturday December 29th at 19.30 hours, Nederland 3. Top 2000 a GoGo.

Kinky Wishes to all for a Kinky New Year from

Henny & Herman

("The Kinky2")
Pictures from London  more
Two new videoes on the videoes site: "Preservation Act III" + "To The Bone"
Yes, 'The Kinky2' is playing In London!
At the The Official Kinks Fan Club: 15.09.2006
The Boston Arms Tufnell Park, LONDON 1:00 pm till 6:00pm
The Kinky2  to London?
Is The Kinky2 coming to the 2006 convention
in London?
Video of "To The Bone"
You can find a video of  The Kinky2's rendition of "To The Bone" on the YouTube-site.  here
This live-recording was made during the last KinksMeeting in London, November 2005.
The Kinky2 at Boston arms
A lot of new pictueres of Kinky2 from the convention  look here
The Kinky2  to London
The Kinky2 is coming to the 2005 convention
in London.
Director: Tom Visscher on last years convention
an unique experience
From an interview whith Kinky2:
"I really like THE MOVIE very much. It gives a very good impression of this one and only kinky London-weekend. I think of it as an unique experience. Very friendly, every year. That's why I'm glad more people can watch now, ....."
go to the the movie and the interview
From an interview whith Kinky2:
"Together with Herman Gombert (guitars) we're working out the material. When the preparations for this kinky-theatre-program are finished (early next year, we hope) we will be able to entertain the audience for about 2 hours and guide them through the story of the Greatest Band On Earth.
go to the the movie and the interview 

 From the press 

 The Kinks 

Having gone from British Invasion hitmakers to late Sixties cult heroes to bonafide arena-filling rock stars in the Seventies and Eighties, the Kinks are, it would seem, cult heroes again for the time being - a position that their bright and sometimes discomfited leader no doubt savors. On the eve of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, Ray Davies had this to say: "The Kinks have always been outsiders. I'm an outsider. To be accepted is unique for us. I'm pleased for the people who believed in me all along. It's nice for them to know that their faith wasn't misplaced." To quote a slogan popular with those who love the band, "God Save the Kinks."
from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


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