Stockholm October -04: 
Jean and Christine felt like in heaven. Rays voice from a couple of minutes ago was still in their heads. Ray - and the enthusiastic and friendly swedish audience had made this a an evening to live on for a long, long time. But suddenly...........

Here is Jean Blakows story:


- That was an eventful night. After the superb show Christine and myself waited by one of the
- stage doors near the band's bus.

- After a while, we took a walk around and came back.

- One guy in a smart dark coat, black trousers and shoes was coming
sheepishly from behind the coach. I thought he'd been for a pee.

- His friend, dressed the same, was near the front of the coach. I heard a
crunching metal sound...he'd ripped the registration number plate from the

- I said "what do you think you're doing, and went towards him. He ran, I
gave chase but couldn't catch him. (memories of an incident in America,
there was I doing the same as Ray !?).

- I went back to the Cirkus, Christine had knocked to tell the crew. It's
OK says the driver, we still have the back one. I remembered the sheepish look on the first guy's face. "No, you haven't " That had gone too.

- We were staying at the hotel next door (purely by luck..in actual fact
Ray was a bit miffed when he asked us and we pointed it out to him !) so
we walked by the Cirkus in the morning and the coach was still there.. I
was worried for the other fans...I really hoped they'd get to Gothenberg
on time and did not know till a review of the concert came on Dave Emlem's site that they had. So relieved.







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