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Fri, June 1, 2007 12:34 pm
Yes, me and my friend Bjørn G Ericson were at the festival in 1996. And it was great.

We stood right in front of the stage and enjoyed the concert very much.

I think the Davies brothers were in a very good mood because England had beaten
Scotland just a few hours before they went on stage.

If Scotland had beaten England it could have been a different show. We all know that
the Davies brothers take football seriously.

Being a Kinks-fan for 35 years I am glad I made to the so-far last Kinks concert.
But my guess is that Ray and Dave will perform again together, maybe with some of
the original members of the Kinks.

Back to the concert at Norwegian Wood: An unforgettable moment was when Ray pulled
on his Union Jack-suit. Ray Davies is the boss!

I was at the concert and have several photographs , which I shall send to you when I find them. I also flew home the next day on the same plane as the Kinks!

Judging by the Boston Arms photos , I saw some of you there (I was selling T-shirts , CDs , etc)

I was in the front row and I think I remember someone with flowers that were thrown at the stage

Did you know that someone threw a Liverpool scarf at Ray (and he wore it!!!!)?

I will be in touch again when I have found more information to stimulate my memory.

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