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Liner Notes:

The letter K has been sadly neglected in the English language for centuries. The Kinks, when they are knot making records or doing one-knight stands, are kampaigning to restore the K to its rightful and knoble place. This situation is the more pitifiul when you realise that the K has knot even been allowed to die and be forgotten but, much worse, it is ignored.

To help this kampaign on its way some simple rules have to be observed. First, the letter K should never be silent in words such as knee, know and knockout: secondly, where possible K should be substituted for C in pronunciation; thirdly, money is reckoned in terms of K(rowns) i.e. 5/- is one K, 2/6 is half K and 1 is 4K; finally, when in doubt stutter. The worst thing anyone can do is to say that something is OK when they mean, of course, that it is K.

Like all new things these days this is going to be advertised extensively on TV. We are all hoping for the fullest co-operation from that very K programme "Thank You Klucky Stars".

Brian Sommerville
The front cover artwork of the album. A white coffee mug with the word "Arthur" and a picture of two men sits in the foreground; a sepia-tone profile photo of The Kinks sits behind it; a swan and other small, various objects sit behind the photo. A hand raises a flag from behind the pileup, which reads "The Kinks". These objects sit on a green background, with the exception of the top border, which is covered by storm clouds.