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Where is this?

Ray Davies concert - Oct. 13, 2004: Rytmeposten, Odense, Denmark.Odense

What is this?

A mirrored loudspeaker from 
an Elpico AC-55 Amplifier
(You know the one Dave used to "shave") more
3. |Altar Boys|Apostles|Arkerna|Barbarossa|Bitch Boys|Blizzards|Botulisme|Boy HowdyBradley,David & His Band|Caves,Les|Chartreuse|Cox,Billy|Cure|Cuss,Sue|Dalek I|Del-Rays|Delfines,Los|Devil,Don & The Drifters|Diables Rouges,Les|Disco Rock Machine Group|Eric & His Misfits|Essex,David|Eve 6|Finn,Tim|Flash|Flying Circus|Forcefield|Friedman,Mitch|Gerdesits Ferenc|Girl|Gonn|Grant,Gil|Hammersmith Gorillas|Heavy Cruiser|Hipster Singers|Holland,Doug|Hot Squirrels|
|Human Instinct|Jive Bunny & Mastermixers|Knickerbockers|LaRoche,Guy|Legends|LePrix|Lloyd,Bobby & The Skeletons|Lords Of The New Church|Love Fever|Maroon|Town|Massacre|Miles Express,Buddy|Mo-I-Rana|Moments (feat. Steve Marriott)|Monsters|Mystic Eyes|NIU Huskie Marching Band|Oingo Boingo|Other Five|Outcasts|Palmer,Robert|Pedersen,Ivan (of Backseat)|Perruques,Les|Power jam All Stars|Redlock|Rock Machine Group|Rockvaktmastarna|Schneider,Helen|Sheena & The Rockets|
|Silicon Teens|Skeletal Earth|Skid Row|Smart Singers,Bob|Smash,Johnny|Stackwaddy|Stanford Jr. Band,Leland|Stone,Rosetta|Stone,Sly|Strong,Andrew|Sugar Beats|Superdrag|Superhype|Thundermug|Toots & The|Maytals|Top-Son,Los|Typhoons|Van Halen|Veres ShockingJazzQuintet,Mariska|Voo Voo|Wellings Orchestra & Singers,Bill|West Coast Pop Art Experim. Band|Wilde Flowers (pre Soft Machine)|Wojciechowski,Roman & Cza. Komety|Younger Generation|
What have all this in common?
They have all recorded a cover version of
 "You Really Got Me" (YRGM)
The adress, please?
The Front Room, Denmark Terrace, 
Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London, UK
"I used to be a real good person"


Why isn't he that anymore?.

In 1969, you told Rolling Stone that you don't drive. Is that still true?
I do drive now, and I've become a real fucked-up individual because of it. I'm a bad driver, an irritable driver. I'm a stressed-out road-rage casualty. I used to be a real good person.
From an intervju AUSTIN SCAGGS, 
Rolling Stone  Feb 10, 2006 9:36 AM

What are you seeing here?
The riff  from "You Really Got Me" (YRGM) finding it's way out of the Front Room, 
here inn a japanise temple look.