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Kast Off Kinks



From our correspondent in Utrecht we have got this report and som pictures from his photographer as well:
"The Dutch Konvention was a hugh succes. Very crowded, wonderful atmosphere and more than plenty of good Kinksmusic. All day..........
The Stairway To Heaven is a wonderful place to play. Good lightning, Superb sound. The new Ray Davies cd was for sale there!"
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You find the pictures here

Try this link: (You won't be disappointed)
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010306 kaa                                           look here and here -   + BBC
30 reviews of  "Other People's Lives"

Click on the picture, and you will learn more about Ray's new album


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look here

Click on the picture, and you will learn more about Ray's new album9 Chart positions of  "Other People's Lives"
Bergen-8 Netherlands-70 UKIndie-3 Norway-14 Germany-19 Belgium-34 UK-36 (Sweden-2 Norway-2)
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 for PrintScreens of the charts look here

Ray On the Road  - and you and we are following, (press)Ray is taken the 2. Nordic Invation very seriously- he is: 
"Warming up" in Madison, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington DC, Upper Darby, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and Minneapolis. 

and "Stretching out" in Brussels, ,Hamburg, Groningen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Utrecht, Barcelona, Madrid
look here for details
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Ray Davies Speaking to Radio 4's Front Row:
"It's finding a voice after spending most of my life in a band called The Kinks, a wonderful band, I love all the work I've done with them, I hope to do more one day, who knows."

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Kinky2 on new videos
You can now find two new videos from the convent. Celluloid Heroes and Waterloo  Sunset.            

Click and you get the biggest fanclubkonvent-site ever! 

Look here

The Clissold Arms honoured
Clissold Arms, with the  interactive KinksWall !!!!
"The Clissold Arms, in Fortis Green, is among the first 14 pubs to be honoured in the "Britain's Pubs in Time" scheme, which commemorates drinking holes with historical significance.

Landlord John Dick said: "We're happy about it. It will add to the interest. We get people from all over the world coming to see the memorabilia." 
-Hornsey Journal link
        More on Clissold Arms here and here
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ON MARCH 7TH, 2006
The triumphant return of legendary KINKS founder Dave Davies featuring ten years of solo classics including new track "God In My Brain," inspired by stroke recovery.
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This is a norwegian e-store.On sale in Norway now: 
Ray Davies: Other People's Lives
V2 published 20060208
If you are living in Norway you now can by Ray Davies "Other People's Lives" from Musikkdownload - SOL
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Click on the picture, and you will learn more about Ray's new album

Ray Davies in Rolling Stone Feb 10, 2006 9:36 AM:(Posted)
"I met them all again last week and we had dinner....
I got the feeling that there was still something special there."???????

Here are the link to the interview

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Still nothing about Ray's new album on V2-UK

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Click on the picture, and you will learn more about Ray's new album

This is what V2 presents in different countries on their websites 23/1-06:
Other People's Lives

Other People's Lives

OUT : 22 Feb 2006 (Scandinavia and Finland (with a swedish flag))
France SORTIE LE : 20 Feb 2006 (France)
Netherlands UIT : 20 Feb 2006 (Netherlands)
Australia Nothing on Ray, Nothing about the cd (Australia)
Nothing on Ray, Nothing about the cd (Belgium)
Something on Ray, Nothing about the cd (Canada)
Nothing on Ray, Nothing about the cd (Spain)
Nothing on Ray, Nothing about the cd (Germany)
Something on Ray, Nothing about the cd (Italy)
United Kingdom
Something on Ray, Nothing about the cd (UK)
United States
OUT : 21 Feb 2006 Format : CD album (US)
United States
OUT : 7 Mar 2006 Format : Vinyl album (US)
More about Ray's album "Other People's Lives" here
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Ray Goes  Nordic
5 out of 9 places from last nordic invation are now announced, and this time we have  Iceland with us. If we consider the three concerts in Denmark in june last year and the apperance at
Egersund Visefestival, Norway in July, we get a picture almost like his Nordic invation in the fall of 2004.
Ray Goes  Nordic
Finland! Here he comes!

April 15, 2006: Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland 
photoes from last visit in 2004
Ray is now coming to Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland, but what about Denmark?  
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Ray Goes Nordic
Sweden! Here he comes!

April 17, 2006: Trädgårn, Gøteborg, Sweden
April 18, 2006: Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden
Ray is now coming to Norway, Sweden, Iceland, but what about Finland and Denmark?   swedish link
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52 days ago
The WhyKinks site for The Kinks Fan Club Convention 2005 is now on the air. 
You find it here
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A lot of photoes of Kast Off Kinks, Kinky2, Peter Watkins and Fans. You will also find sound- and videoclips.

There are pictures taken inside of the front room, a lot of pictures from two visits to Clissold Arms, as well as pictures, sounds and videos from the singalong on Boston Arms on Saturday. 

We have already got some pictures from other fans. We hope we'll get even more pictures, making the WhyKinks 2005 Convention site the biggest ever. 
Please send comments to 2005@whykinks.net

"The WhyKinks-tour 2005"

From Oslo to London to Clissold Arms
26/11 On the road to...

Clissold Arms, with the  interactive KinksWall !!!!
26/11 Clissold Arms

Singalong on Boston Arms! - With sound-and videoclips
26/11 Boston Arms 

Ray was seen in the park last year.....
27/11 Hyde Park  

Peter Watkins
27/11 Peter Watkins

The two and only - Kinkey2
27/11 Kinky2  

The Kast Off Kinks
27/11 Kast Off Kinks 

This is the world best fans..
27/11 "I was there" 

28/11 Editors edit, eat, think and walk around, 
on the road - but on the track?
29/11Looking around 

Looking for Muswell Hillbillies - and other tracks
29/11 Muswell Hill  

Back on Clissold  Arms - warmed welcomed by the staff.
29/11 Clissold Arms

The last day in town - on the road for home
29/11 On the road from.


By now, TWO Ray concerts are scheduled for Norway this spring:

TRONDHEIM april 20, at Nidaros Blues Festival, where Ray headlines the festival program (http://www.nidarosbluesfestival.com/).

OSLO april 21, at Rockefeller Music Hall (http://www.rockefeller.no/english.html).the grey arrows mark 2004-tour
abt 14.01.06

A little kinks-fan sensation:
You won't believe it
and perhaps even see it. But if you want to try, you have to go to: 
On the road section, there you find London 05, go to Clissold Arms and here you must find "The Front Room". Inside one of the windows you will find a big suprise. (this link will also bring you to Clissold Arms
kaa 04.01.06

February 19th, 2006 the 8th Dutch Kinks Fan Meeting in Utrecht, Holland:

Kast Off Kinks /
Kinky2 / 
Flamin’ Stars

look for more here
(you can see a bigger poster)

kaa 03.01.06
We spelen 19 februari 2006 op de Kinks Fan Meeting in Stairway toHeaven, Utrecht. Ook de Kast Off Kinks & the Kinky2 zullen weer van de partij zijn. Degenen die er de vorige keren bij waren weten dat dit altijd geweldige middagen zijn, dus ik zou zeggen. Koop een kaartje! Meer info bij Huub Goudswaard via: www.rockheaven.nl.

kaa 03.01.06

   The Kinks Fan Club Convention 2005
   Boston Arms  27.11.04 ("The WhyKinks Tour" 26-30/11-05)

Here are some more  pictures and soundclips from the 26/11, we will be back with a lot more from the concert on the 27. later

Boston Arms 26/11:
The day before sing along was in Boston Arms this time.
You will also find some soundclips from the sing along, on the top of the site. Look here: Boston Arms

Clissold Arms 26/11:
There are now an interactive "The Kinks-Wall" with 24 items in this section. Look here: Clissold Arms

On the road to... 26/11:
just some pictures from the editors move from Oslo to our hotel in London. Look here: On the road to...

We wish you all a happy new kinks-year.

arve and kai

Eel Pie Club 
Presents The Kast Off Kinks 19th April 20:30 - 23:00  
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