London -06  19/11

The Kast Off Kinks
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Tom's 3
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Thanks a lot to Tom!
16:33 Brainwashed
17:00 Sunny Afternoon
17:11 Lola

17:23 Days
17:33 Milk Cow Blues


17:45  Apeman
18:06  All day and all of ...
18:10 John ? 

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 Berkeley Mews  Tired Of Waiting For You You Really Got Me
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Photoes by Simon van den Bergh:

Tom's KAST OFF KINKS videos from London:

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Videoes from You Tube:

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The annual Kinks Fab Club bash. The Kast Off Kinks comprise 3 former members of The Kinks + other musicians. Ray occasioanally appears at this bash, to say 'hello'. From  routeoz

Performing "Where Have All The Good Times Gone", + "Big Sky", at The Kinks fans get together in London, Nov 19th 2006.
From  routeoz

"Till the end of the day' and 'Shangri-la', at the Boston Arms, London. The event was arranged by fans of The Kinks, From  routeoz

..with the Kast Off Kinks, singing Waterloo Sunset. Welcome back babes...Nov 19th 2006, From  routeoz

Mick Avory, one time drummer with the Rolling Stones, joined The Kinks early on, when they offered him more money than the Stones. Here we have rare footage of him singing. These days he's drummer with the Kast Off Kinks - here he is with them on Nov 19th 2006, in London, at the annual Kinks fans charity fundraising bash. From  routeoz

Here they are again, the early 1970s backing chicks, at the annual fund raising get together of Kinks fans, at the Boston Arms, London, Nov 19th 2006, with um, what's the track??? - um Jukebox Music (thnx to 'dalexwats' for that info). From  routeoz
 Kast Off Kinks - 2 more great Ray Davies numbers
You Really Got Me + All Day And All Of The Night, by The Kast Off Kinks at the annual Kinks fans bash in London, 2006. From  routeoz
Ray Davies' Plastic Man, by The Kast Off Kinks 2006 !
Another great performance by The Kast Off Kinks -and some younger fans! - at the annual Kinks fans bash in London, in aid of Leukaemia Research. From  routeoz
Tired of Waiting, performed by The Kast Off Kinks 2006
A shorter clip from the annual event organised by the Kinks Fan Club, Boston Arms, London, Nov 19 2006.  From  routeoz

Nothing Lasts Forever, by the Kast Off Kinks,06

A shorter clip. Nothing Lasts Forever was written by: Ray Davies. Thnx to The Kinks Fan Club for arranging this great annual event at the Boston Arms From  routeoz
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