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If  A The Kinks Reunion is impossible - what about:
The Kast Off Kinks with the Davies Brothers?

Yes, A fantastic idea (26)
I will be there (23)
If Ray and Dave likes it (13)
Worth a try (12)
If Mick, John, John and Dave likes it (11)
No, A dreadful idea (10)
Not worth a try (5)
oh no (1)
I will not be there (0)
ok ok (0)

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Olga Ruocco UK:

Read the whole statement here

I am very upset that the new licensee wants to disregard the Kinks heritage at The Clissold Arms.  I think that the artefacts might still in fact belong to Konk, and that they should be returned there if they are not wanted.
I organise Kinks fans get togethers, the night before the Kinks fanclub gig, and when we were at the Clissold Arms, the Manager, John Dick, was delighted to have us there playing and singing Kinks songs (a free gig!).  When the CAMRA event was planned, he asked me to get some Kinks fans together to make some music.
We now have to try and find local pubs to have a gathering in, ones which don't have the heritage, and don't quite understand what we're about.!
I also run an Unofficial Kinks Tour, and take fans around the Kinks London haunts, which always involved a meal at The Clissold Arms.  We certainly won't feel welcome in future.
It is a shame that certain people think that The Kinks and good eating don't go together!

Read the whole statement here

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
"....it’s a moment of such perfect beauty that it served as a balm to me during a difficult time. Every time I heard it, I could allow myself a wistful smile, as I always imagined the narrator doing, and quietly regret my closed-off life."  From Stylus By: Jayson Greene,  2007-03-14


Dominic Baci, UK:
The character of pubs like the Clissold Arms should be preserved, and any establishment lucky enough to have a link with one of the world’s greatest and most influential rock bands should preserve and celebrate that link. Intelligent people will always seek out such establishments for their historical significance.

Read the whole statement here

Wes Gottlock New York, USA:
Not only do I request that the new owners maintain the current memorabilia, I challenge them to enlarge it!  I'm sure Kinks fans all over the world would love to contribute their cherished possessins to be displayed on the hallowed walls.

Read the whole statement here

Greg DiMercurio Antioch CA
"I came all the way from San Francisco to make my pilgrimmage to this historic pub in October 2005"........
"just to set foot in the place where the Davies brothers, obviously the most underappreciated rock singer/songwriters in history, started their early performance"

Read the whole statement here

Michael Precin Palatine, Illinois USA:
"The next time I am in town I promise I will not stop in at a gastropub stripped of any reference to the historical significance of the Davies' brothers first public gig"

Read the whole statement here

This is where we belong!         Save The Clissold Arms

Have your say 
"Muswell Hill Journal" the local newsaper in the area around Clissold Arms is doing a great job. Send them an e-mail when you are on their website and tell them that!                
                                           link to Muswell Hill Journal
kaa 080307 LINK LINK
Muswell Hill Journal:
an internet campaign is started
"In response to the news, the co-editor of Norwegian fan website WhyKinks, Kai Armann, who makes a pilgrimage to the pub every year, this week started an internet campaign dubbed Save The Clissold Arms to try to get the display preserved in its current home."                  
                                       Go to the Save The Clissold Arms-page !
New article in Muswell Hill Journal: 070307
"shockwaves across world"
"NEWS that the shrine to legendary rock band The Kinks in their local pub could be sold off to the highest bidder has caused shockwaves among fans around the world.

The Journal revealed last week that the new tenants of The Clissold Arms, Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, the site of the first performance by brothers Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks, are planning to turn it into a fashionable gastropub and distance themselves from the pub's historic links."

                                                                                              More here
42 bits from  Ray and Daves lyrics brings you:
From Clissold Arms to
"This is where I belong"

New page in the " Save The Clissold Arms Section". 42 bits from different songs by the Kinks and the Davies brothers proves that The Kinks' Music is very strong linked to the Clissold Arms and it's neighbourhood. 

Caroline Jones and Hugh O'Boyle (the new owners) can you please take time to follow this link and read. Perhaps you will get some new ideas of how you can develope The Clissold Arms in the next years.                                Link to the Lyrics page-->    LINK

This is where we belong!        Save The Clissold Arms

Muswell Hill Journal:
"REGARDING the story "Kinks 'shrine' set to be dumped", I used to go there when going to London - but without The Kinks there is no way I would go to that place or that part of the city. - Name and address supplied, Denmark." 
Muswell Hill Journal:
"I THINK it's sad that The Kinks memorabilia is going to be gotten rid of, all for some fancy-schmancy gastropub! As a Kinks fan from New Zealand I would love to be able to come to the Clissold Arms and see all the memorabilia when I travel to London in the not too distant future......" - Jess, New Zealand. 
Muswell Hill Journal:
"I'VE BEEN an avid fan of The Kinks since 1964 and I made my first pilgrimage to the Clissold Arms four and a half years ago with my 14-year-old daughter. I view the shrine as important as Abbey Road for The Beatles!......."
                                                           - Ken Herrick, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

This is where we belong!

Save The Clissold Arms

Muswell Hill Journal:
I HOPE and pray 
"I HOPE and pray that at least priceless memorabilia will be returned to the Davies brothers or the fans who donated it ("Kinks 'shrine' set to be dumped", Muswell Hill Journal, March 1). It is the only decent thing to do. It's bad enough that the memory and atmosphere will be forever."    
                                                - Teri LaBrecque, Live Oak, Florida, USA

kaa 080307 LINK LINK

Muswell Hill Journal with statments from
 many fans. Here is a link to the whole article.


Click and you can order yout T-shirt!

 42 bits from  Ray and Daves lyrics brings you:
From Clissold Arms to This is where I belong
New page in the " Save The Clissold Arms Section".

                                Link to the Lyrics page-->   
Councilier Matt Davies:
"maintain the Kinks link and history"
Bill Harrow has contacted member of Haringey Council for Fortis Green Matt Davies:  "What I will do though, is write a letter to the pub urging them to maintain the Kinks link and history. Personally, I think even from a business point of view they would be foolish not to take advantage of it."             
                                                  Link to the statements page-->

link to details ofCouncillor Matt Davies
Matt Davies


This is where we belong!
Save The Clissold Arms

The Clissold Arms Section is now on the air

Please send an E-mail with a  LINK to the "Save The Clissold Arms" page to a friend. We have to show that there are some who cares.  On the page you will find links to more information on Clissold Arms:  

news - statements - list - history - pictures - YouTube - map - links - Clissold Arms pages on WhyKinks - Lyrics

040307 kaa

Link to the "Save The Clissold Arms"-page

28.02.07, 09:17:02 
Dave Davies on
Dave Davies Message Board:

There are no immediate plans for me and Ray to play together as the Kinks just yet.

We have discussed this at length. There are several  business and personal issues to take into consideration before this would be at all possible. I have not played on any of Rays new stuff. Neither has he performed on my latest CD  'Fractured Mindz' or any of my solo work. I am busy promoting and working on my own projects at the moment and If there are any plans to do Kinks shows in the future be assured that Me and Ray would be the first to know before any speculative or misinformed well wisher or self-promoting drunk for that matter.

Sometimes some of the references and crap posted on this board lately fill me with 'dismay'. Fortunately I don't have the time to read it all. I am sure the majority of contributors are sincere and well meaning. But if you have nothing intelligent or caring or interesting to say except rant about meaningless garble, gossip or hear say then stay away. If the Kinks and our legacy means anything to you then show some respect for the artists and people who created it. If intellectual choas and emotional disorder and dysfunction fills your minds then you are all well suited for the funny farm but I won't be joining you. I have far more important things to do with my Life as indeed you should ALL have. A few of you out there and you know who you are really should now grow up. Have fun but also please have some common sense and common decency.

Let Peace, Love and health be with you all.
Dave Davies


Monday, February 26, 2007 : The Tibet House’s 17th Annual Carnegie Hall Benefit with Laurie Anderson, Deborah Harry, Ray Davies, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Michael Stipe.  Ben Harper, and Sigur Rós will be newcomers to the event.

Stars Align In Harmony For Tibet Show

link to review 
Link to Tibet House US 

RockDaily.comReview Fractured Mindz 
he new CD by Dave Davies

This is where we belong!       Save The Clissold Arms 

Letter from Henny S. Stahli, Diemen-Holland:
"Please, reconsider and use this small, but oh so important place in the `Kinkdom` with respect for the days of old." 
kaa 040307

Read the whole letter: link

This is where we belong!
Don't destroy 
The Clissold Arms
When CAMRA (Campain for Real Ale) last year honoured two London pubs for historical or cultural significance Clissold Arms was one of them. We hoped that the importance of THE CLISSOLD ARMS in the worlds history of rock and popular music would be accepted. We don't understand why it is impossible to make good food in todays surrondings. The new landlords are not interested in keeping the heritage of the pub alive, but why can they decide that? There has to be a UK Department for Culture, what are they saying. What is the opinion of the local government? Will they listen to the Kinks-fans. If the plan is to remove all the Kinks memorabilia and possibly auction it off in the future the editors of the WhyKinks website are shocked, this can't be true. Somebody has to stop them!

We make our yearly trip from Norway to Clissold Arms with a deep respect for British Culture, British Customs and British Traditions, most of it is inspired and learned from the two guys that have their first public performance on Clissold Arms in 1960. Why can't the authorities and local business join the Kinks fans in making Clissold Arms remain the visible milestone of one of Brittans great gifts to humanity.

Arve and Kai 


Tell the new licensee Caroline Jones
Tell The local Government
Tell UK Department for Culture

Send us a comment and we will bring it to them and our readers.
editors(at)whykinks.net click here

"Tell me now if you want me to stay.
It don't matter, 'cause I'd stay here anyway.
For this is where I belong,
This is where I belong"
Written by:
Ray Davies

kaa 010307 link
Muswell Hill Journal:
Somebody has to stop them!
Kai Armann, co-editor of Norwegian fan website
, who travels to the pub every year, said: "We don't understand why it is impossible to make good food in the current surroundings.

"We are shocked. This can't be true. Somebody has to stop them!"
kaa 010307


Muswell Hill Journal:
people will still go in and soak up the vibe
Bill Orton, secretary of The Official Kinks Fan Club, said: "There will be a tinge of sadness to lose that link, and obviously there will be some interest in getting the memorabilia.

"Over the years the Davies brothers have still held family parties and birthday parties there, and they both think fondly of that place from their youth. The fact is that it is The Clissold Arms, and people will still go in and soak up the vibe."
kaa 010307


Muswell Hill Journal:
one of Britain's historic Pubs In Time
Last year the Clissold Arms was named one of Britain's historic Pubs In Time, and even features in the lyrics of The Kinks' song Fortis Green.
kaa 010307


Muswell Hill Journal:
it won't be the kind of place you would expect to see it
New licensee Caroline Jones, who outlined plans for "a quality, food-led establishment" to Haringey councillors at a licensing sub-committee meeting, said: "We haven't made a decision yet, to be perfectly honest. We have inherited it. It [the new pub] will be quite different, and it won't be the kind of place you would expect to see it. If it [getting rid of the memorabilia] is the case then an auction is the kind of thing we would do."
kaa 010307


Muswell Hill Journal:
Clissold Arms a fashionable gastropub
The new tenants of the Clissold Arms, in Fortis Green, Muswell Hill want to turn it into a fashionable gastropub when it re-opens in the summer.
kaa 010307


Muswell Hill Journal:
Kinks 'shrine' set to be dumped
THE pub that hosted the first performance by Ray and Dave Davies – founders of legendary rock band The Kinks – could be stripped of its shrine to the band.... »    
kaa 010307


This is where we belong!

"Tell me now if you want me to stay.
It don't matter, 'cause I'd stay here anyway.
For this is where I belong,
This is where I belong"
Written by:
Ray Davies

kaa 010307


Friday, 23 February 2007

The Kast Off Kinks

At The Boom Boom Club 
at Sutton United FC
, Sutton

Saturday, 24 February 2007

The Kast Off Kinks

At Farnborough Football Club, Farnborough
 -Yes, I was there, 36: Stefan Lundh, Stockholm, Sweden         link
 You Really Got Me   Apeman   Well Respected Man 
Marge and Homer Simpson Homer Simpson Homer Simpson
 kaa 20.02.07 -

More fun: here! 

2006 The Kinks Fan Club meeting:
Photoes by Simon van den Bergh:
Singalong Kast Off Kinks Mick Avory John Dalton John Gosling Dave Clarke Debbie &
and The Fans
kaa 18.02.07

Clissold Arms, Muswell Hill and Archway Tavern
Photos taken by Gabe Roelfsema on Friday november 24th 2006 
kaa 18.02.07


 dd.cafe New Dave Davies Fan-pagemade by Hiroko, Tokyo, Japan.      link

 The poll today (15.02.07) I will be there: 22.45%
 Three comercials with Kinks songs on norwegian television yesterday: LOTTO,
 Gule Sider and Volvo.                                                                 kaa 14.02.07
(The poll today: Yes, A fantastic idea: 27,78%) 
New poll design!
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now state the reasons for your choices if you want to.


"The Kinks have a timeless appeal," WhyKinks on
"The Kinks have a timeless appeal," said Kai. "The only way to understand our
dedication is to listen to their music and their lyrics - and let the Sunny Afternoon  glide into a Waterloo Sunset, wondering Where Have All The 
Good Times Gone, then they Really Got you All Day And All Of The Night.
kaa 10.02.07


 090207: Yes, A fantastic idea 33%  No, A dreadful idea 10%       LINK


The WhyKinks The Kinks YouTube collection. 
1. Videos listed on each year from 1964 to 1996, 118
2. Videos listed after number of views,  92
3. Videos listed after all kind of topics, 156


 The Beach Boys, Prince, Clipse, The Who, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Minutemen, Kamaal
 The Abstract, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, Dave Davies and Bruce Springsteen.     link


 Britain's rock landmarks: 15. Waterloo Bridge   


 The Rhetorical Situation, Misfits - Monday, February 05, 2007               link 

If you include a stop at the 169 Bar on Sunday, February 18, you'll hear a bunch of Kinks songs performed live in "a candlelit dive bar in the heart of Chinatown."
  *  Jim Smart  *               
"169 Bar" 169 East Broadway NYC 10002 www.169barnyc.com 8:30 pm Sunday 

030207 kaa             
February 18 Admission for 21 and over $8 @the door                     link

030207 Congratulations:
Dave Davies is 60 

If you wonder, here is the birthdaypresent from him to you and from you to him: link

030207 kaa

New Poll: Is this a great idea?                                                      - follow the link and make up your own mind -   link

-Yes, A fantastic idea 33% -I will be there 20% -If Ray and Dave likes it 7% - No, A dreadful idea 13%

WhyKinks now presents The Kinks on The Tube
Here are something new, we have made a page where we have seperate The Kinks videoes on You Tube in the different Years from 1964 to 1996 until now 98 videoes.  We also have Ray - 25  Dave - 4  Covers - 4 Fun - 1   Kast Off Kinks - 21  Kinky2 -  8  WhyKinks -13 .  
Until now 174 different videoes on this page:

Videoes with The Kinks

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Victoria in a bookstore!
Do you have a video or a picture of a place where you meet the music of The Kinks? 
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The Kinks - The Live Broadcasts [2006]The Kinks - In Performance [2007]Perfect Partner The Kinks - The Live Broadcasts [2006] DVD Availability: This title will be released on January 29, 2007. Pre-order now! Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk                                                             link


Where are 


1966: The Kinks shoot the promo for 
Dead End Street
on Little Green Street 
... and it's on YouTube
click here to watch the shorter version
... or here for the extended remix,
with extra Little Green Street
2005: Franz Ferdinand photoshoot 40 years on, on the same spot 
Do you have any more Little Green Street photos? If so, get in touch!              link
Videoes with The KinksWe have now started to give you the YouTube - The Kinks  videoes seperated for each year, do you miss anyone? 
Clissold Arms news: "a spokeswoman for owners Enterprise Inns said the pub was due to reopen later this month with none of the musical heritage removed. She said: "The pub is currently undergoing some repairs and we hope to reopen it towards the end of January."     17/1- 05:13 kaa                                  link
 55 have now given their name to the "play again Kinks"-list                          link
 Music Review: The Kinks 
 - The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society   


Fractured Mindz

MetaMedia is proud to announce a brand new CD by Dave Davies! Featuring all new and original material!

To be released exclusively through the Dave Davies Web Site in January 2007

Dave: "In Fractured Mindz the songs are characters in my life, or aspects of my personality or past 

lives. The Initiator and Spiritual Guide of “The Blessing” is a good friend or 
living the true and pure life or hopefully my next past life.

I know it’s hard for Fractured Mindz. Believe me!"

7/1 - 23:41 kaa


 Over 80 videos in our historic-videoes collection from YouTube 
 The Singer in the The Kinks' forerunners The Ray Davies Quartet, Rod Stewart,
 who grew up in Muswell Hill and Highgate, has been honoured with an CBE in
 the New Year's honour list.                                                                   link
New: Tom Visscher's videos with:

  with permission of John Dalton


 To the left. Last picture from one of our  readers in the
 smile and colour section.  Have you hit it yet?
4/1 - 05:45 kaa  
 54 have now given their name to the "play again Kinks"-list 
The last one is a norwegian living at Sandermosen Railway Station
3 of them comes from Sweden.        010107                                  link


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