Nordic Kinks Konvention, Halden 2011

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On behalf of the Nordic Kinks Preservation Society
WhyKinks and KinkyWay proudley present the first
Nordic KINKS Konvention
20. Aug.2011 Halden, Norway

Konsert at the Fredrikshald Theater 18:00 - 23:00
The Kast Off Kinks
with Dave Clarke, John Dalton, Ian Gibbons and Mick Avory

Kinky Way, Halden

Afterparty at the Grand Bar 23:00 - ??:??
 David Watts, Oslo

    Tickets: 35 at The Fredrikshald Theater and 15 at The Grand Bar
   Tickets   WEB-page

The Afterparty is sold out!!!!
Nordic Kinks
Preservation Society
Koncert: Kast Off Kinks and Kinky Way Afterparty: David Watts
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