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David Watts
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Ray is on the Road, WhyKinks is on the track and we all hear him in the air?!
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Harderwijk 23/9 2012
17 videos and a lot of pictures!!!
The Kast off Kinks Stratford Upon Avon Jukebox is here!
kaa 12.08-12  
Ray at the 2012 London Olympic Closing Ceremony

Here is a WhyKinks special
- video - pictures - links - reviews -
kaa 12.08-12  
03/02-12 65  

29/01-12 Congratulations
David Watts,
the Norwegian
The Kinks tribute-band, plays at "Per På Hjørnet", Oslo Norway 17. january  22.00. pph.oslolink  Fri entré.
Lars Birkelund (sang, akk. gitar)
Eirik Lie (bass, sang)
Torbjørn Holte (el. gitar, sang)
samt Erik Bentsen på saksofon


Video: Sunny Afternoon

New webpage
with a lot of videoes, pictures and links from
Kast Off Kinks 

consert at Meltdown
 30/6-11 kaa   
 21th. June - Ray at Meltdown 19th. June 2011           Photo: WhyKinks &   
Ray at eltdown, 19/6 - 2011.
Ray Davies with band, Crouch End Festival Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra and us - the audience. Thank you Ray!!

We were allowed to use the cameras under "People takes pictures of each other". We was sitting at the back,
but this is better than nothing, isn't it???
Reviews: The Guardian Evening Standard - The Arts Desk - Gramophone -
YouTube: Sunny Afternoon - Days - Waterloo Sunset
The Guardian Meltdown page
Kast Off Kinks

13 Nov, 2011: Boston Arms, London, UK.
Official Kinks Fan Club konvention.
Tickets are £15. Contact the Fan Club at the PO Box address or email Bill Orton.

plays the best of
lørdag 7. mai fra kl 22.

Alexandria Musikkbar, Oslo


The Nordic Kinks Preservation Society
together with "WhyKinks" and "The Kinky Way", a The Kinks tribute band from Halden
arrange the first "Nordic Kinks Konvention" in Halden August 20.

Kast off Kinks 
(Dave Clarke, John Dalton, Ian Gibbons
and Mick Avory),
"Kinky Way" from Halden and "David Watts" from Oslo
will appear at the Konvention. 

Reservation:  NordicKinksKonvention@whykinks.net
More information will follow soon.

The Konvention Web

The Stage at Fredrikshald Theater, Halden Norway

Halden by Night,
Nordic Kast off
sweden 2
"The Village Green Preservation Society — my band is going to play the whole album at the Meltdown festival" Ray Davies to Rolling Stones link
drownedinsound.com April 1st, 2011:

Those Sacred Days:
DiS meets The Kinks' Dave Davies

DD: "And as for the songs themselves, they’ve lasted the years fairly unscathed. It’s very human music. They still mean something. I mean, I was at Glastonbury last year when Ray was playing and people all around were in tears, me included, I’m not ashamed to say…"

DD: "Ray and I have spoken recently about doing something. But we’re not really…. (Long, Long Pause) It would be nice. I don’t know what; I think people might be surprised about what we’d have in mind. But we’ll let you know!"

   3/4-11     LINK
Sunday, 27 March 2011
Interview Dave Davies
Dave Davies: 'I was just a crazy kid with a guitar, a cheap amp and a razor blade' 
Ray Davies reveals lineup for 2011 Meltdown festival
The Kinks singer, who is curating this year's
Southbank-based festival, has ambitious
plans for the programme of diverse acts

"will open and close the festival himself,
playing first with
his new band
and then with the London Philharmonic Orchestra"

The Low Budget Men - On a Sunny Afternoon from TheLowBudgetMen on Vimeo.

Norwegian "David Watts" new koncerts:  link
Will we hear this on Saturday?

Jan, 2011: The Wolsey Hall, Cheshunt, Herts. Special one-off gig with the original Kast Off Kinks line-up, with John Dalton on bass and John Gosling on keyboards.
[Tickets are now sold out.]

Ray Davies - "The Village Green Preservation Suite" in Denmark

22/8-2010 Lejre, Denmark - More from Lejre
Pete Quaife
From DoctorFingers on YouTube :
"On 27 November 2010, a bunch of Kinks fans made a pilgrimage to Hampstead Heath in memory of the original Kinks bass player, who died earlier in the year."

The Pete Quaife memorial page 

Happy New Year from The Nordic fans
Only a couple of minutes into this year and we have Ray Davies first appearance on the main norwegian tv-channel, NRK1.  Here is a link to the same concert on BBC.
 This years first The Kinks concert in Oslo:
David Watts"

Photo from Kai60 Surprise party, with John Dalton on the drums
Alexandra, January 8th 2011, (without John Dalton on the drums)
Reserve your tickets  for the Kast Off Kinks
the original lineup, with John Dalton and John Gosling
22 January 2011 gig at Wolsey Hall in Cheshunt,
send an email to webmaster@kastoffkinks.co.uk.
On Saturday will have a look at new owners Kinks-room at Clissold Arms, we will be back with photoes, review and more!!! There will be a report from Alexandria as well.
There are no webpage yet, but the link send you to a facebookpage.
24/11-10 kaa
to be or not to be an individual
"I think there's a danger that musical aspirations might get trapped in a bubble of mass media acceptance. It's the desire to be on TV over the fact that you want to say something and be an individual. I think if it's accepted that it's just a popular TV show ['The X Factor' in England and 'American Idol' in America] that's fine. I'd like to think that there are young musicians growing up and evolving all over the world, that they're not influenced by it and are just going to do their thing."

Ray Davies to Spinner
24/11-10 kaa            photo:WhyKinks  

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The Kinks : All Day And All Of The Night : Day-by-day concerts, recordings and broadcasts, 1961-1996 by Doug Hinman    

The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society (Thirty Three and a Third series) (Paperback) by Andy Miller      

Alain Feydri: Les Kinks - une histoire anglaise.     

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