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Come Dancing with Lloyd and Rob - Part 2
Lloyd and Rob reflect on Ray Davies' Musical "Come Dancing" from October 2008. Arve is the cameraman and Kai is the birthday boy.

08/11-08 kaa
Pop & Hiss The L.A. Times music blog 12:08 PM PT, Oct 29 2008
Ray Davies knows about being broke
"What a great, insightful, smart review!
" Mike
You have to read this, follow the link: 
06/11-08 kaa
BBC News, 5 November 2008:
By Ian Youngs Music reporter, 
The Kinks start work on comeback
The Kinks have begun writing new songs ahead of a possible reunion, singer Ray Davies has said. "We've started a little bit of this and that," he told BBC News. But it is too early to judge the quality, he said. "It depends if there's good music. We want good new music. I'd like to do it as a more collaborative thing than we used to do.""
061108 kaa

Locksley hit the stage with Kinks legend Ray Davies

Locksley will take the stage as backing band for Ray Davies and perform their music as the tour’s supporting act.Music News
Locksley will take the stage as backing band for Ray Davies and perform their music as the tour’s supporting act.

By Patrick Luce Nov 5, 2008, 13:34 GMT

The Brooklyn-based garage pop band Locksley will back Kinks legend Ray Davies on a 12-city U.S. tour. The tour kicks off in Tampa, FL on November 28th, and will feature Locksley (who recently released their debut album "Don't Make Me Wait" to critical acclaim) backing Davies and performing a full set as the tour’s main support.

051108 kaa
Come Dancing with Lloyd and Rob - Part 1
In late October 2008, Lloyd and Rob ventured to London for Ray Davies' musical, Come Dancing. 

Boston com:
 Posted by Ty Burr November 4, 2008 12:38 PM
"Give the people what they want"

"Which in this case is a Kinks reunion. My Globe confrere Geoff Edgers has been slaving away for some months now on a personal project, one which should warm the hearts of anyone who ever swooned to "Lola" or "Waterloo Sunset" (or, in my case, spent years searching high and low for a vinyl copy of "The Great Lost Kinks Album"). To wit: With Boston area filmmaker and all-around great dude Robert Patton-Spruill, Geoff is making a documentary about trying to coax Ray Davies and the other Kinks out of hiding and back onto the stage. Failing that, he hopes to get Ray on film. Failing that -- and Mr. Raymond Douglas Davies has long been one dyspeptic rock star when it comes to the press -- Geoff wants to talk to the many and storied musicians (Sting, Paul Weller, etc) who have been inspired by the Great Man."

051108 kaa
  is going to London:
On Saturday, Oct. 25th the editors is sitting close Ray Davies on the "Come Dancing" -musical. One of the editors (Kai) have his 58 years birthday on Saturday.  
More pictures and videoes out on the Kast off Kinks fan page.

From Last Public Gig (Broxbourne Civic Hall)
From Last Private Gig (Dalton's privat garden)
From Last Last all togheter Gig (Kolbäck Peoples Park)

The Kast Off Kinks The Kast Off Kinks The Kast Off Kinks The Kast Off Kinks

More from the kast last gig in Kolbäck here

The Kast Off Kinks The Kast Off Kinks The Kast Off Kinks The Kast Off Kinks
ray on: "timesonline.co.uk"
You will get pictures 
under the show 
right home to you
Just use the link
And some pictures from the trip too, the first one is out already,
 and shows pictures from  the making of the blog
arve and kai
still editors
Sunny Afternoon has been named the 4th most-played summer song of the past year in a new survey undertaken by PRS.

Kinks’ Ray Davies, as narrator Terry, will lead the 13-strong cast of his self-penned musical Come Dancing, which runs from September 24 (previews from September 13) to October 25, 2008, at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Come Dancing is loosely based on Davies’ own childhood when he watched his sisters go out with their latest boyfriends to dances on a Saturday night.

The cast will also include Alasdair Harvey, Anthony Flaum, Bradley Clarkson, Delroy Atkinson, Gemma Salter, Katey Munroe, Katherine James, Marcus Ellard, Martin George, Samantha Hughes, Stephen Lloyd and Wendy Mae Brown."





One more time ( live Ray Davies Cover)
"Low-Budget" Nice France



Next Minks Shows

Saturday, November 1:  El Rio
Saturday, November 22:
  Don Quixote (north of Santa Cruz) 

Four opportunities to come dancing ..... Feed your calendar.

Magnet 79:
The legendary songwriter and leader of the Kinks sits down to discuss banishment, bullet wounds and the band he led to glory beginning in 1963. Interview by Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo. Plus: the top 20 Kinks songs, and an interview with bandmate and brother Dave Davies."


44 years ago - it all started
Garage's have never been the same
On August 13, 1964, The Kinks reached the UK charts 
for the first time with "You Really Got Me".

What about Scandinavia - the last concert countries?
The Kinks in Norway 1996 - The Kast off Kinks in Sweden 2008 


go to the poll -->


Kolback Folkets Park, Kolback, SWEDEN.    
Saturday 6 September 2008.
Tickets From:- www.ticnet.se  


CRAWDADDY! The magazine of rock 
The Kinks: Demon Alcohol by Dinky Dawson
Ker-Splash! A tremendous geyser suddenly exploded skyward in the center of the pool. I looked down into the water to see a television set swiftly heading for the bottom like the doomed Titanic. My eyes shot up the wall of hotel rooms until I spotted Ray Davies and his guitar-playing brother Dave roaring with laughter in front of several inebriated and astonished guests on their small second-floor balcony."
Star Maker Machine: Sunday, June 22, 2008, On  Imitation: 
"to make something like a Kinks album."
"In an interview at the time of the release of their fourth studio album, Setting Sons, Weller said that they entered the studio specifically setting out to make something like a Kinks album"

From John Dalton's website 31-05-2008 
The Last Gig - guest star Ray Davies

10/6-08 kaa

24 May - 08  Broxbourne Civic Hall
The Kast Off Kinks - John Dalton, Farwell Gig
A great and sad Gig. WhyKinks where present with three photographers. Pictures coming!
10/6-08 kaa

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