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Kinks star set to team up with Chorus again
REHEARSALS are underway for the long awaited reunion of music legend Ray Davies and the popular Crouch End Festival Chorus.

10/6-08 kaa


Thursday 19th June at 9.00pm
Friday 20th June at 9.00pm


The Magazine for Music - RelixWednesday, 21 May 2008:
"at least four new tracks"
From the interview: "If the brothers can and do reunite as songwriters, a full-blown reunion is pretty much a given. Says Ray, “I speak to [drummer] Mick Avory and [bassist Peter] Quaife, the originals, and I think the different incarnations of The Kinks would be good to actually get together. They’ve all contributed over the years. They would like to do it, and, as I say, Dave’s getting a lot better. It’s a case of, ‘When you’re ready, let’s get together and see if there’s any new music we can do, because I really do believe that you should try to do something new. That would be the deal breaker—that we make at least four new tracks.”" 
10/6-08 kaa

Ray in The Tower Theater — PhiladelphiaA master songwriter and relentless showman, Davies has always had a knack for the chord change or lyrical turn that can snap you back into focus and cause you to rearrange your life.:

 4 reviews,  1 setlist and  30 videoes From Ray's North America tour            LINK

 8 videoes from and about Ray Davies last album "Working Man's cafe´"         LINK

Ray Davies, the Kinks' main man, 
remains brash and brilliant

By Shay Quillen Mercury NewsArticle Launched: 03/27/2008 01:36:48 AM PDT

Paste Magazine recently named Ray Davies the 41st-best living songwriter.
Paste Magazine is smoking crack.

The longtime Kinks frontman is the wittiest, most perceptive writer rock has known, and at 63, he's still got something to say, as his second solo album, "Working Man's Cafe," proves. (It's not surprising advanced age suits him, considering he was crankily longing for the good old days before he turned 25.)

just another identikit gastropub
There's a high chance the Clissold will find a regular clientele in this part of town but it is disappointing how bland and uninspiring this makeover is. The range of drinks on offer are decent enough and the food may well be of a high standard, but the Clissold, once a pub with a distinct air and a unique history, has now become just another identikit gastropub.         LINK

The Kooks Sophomore Album KONK Hits Streets Today
Along With Limited Edition Companion Disc, RAK
Released today (4/15) in the U.S., The
' KONK was recorded over a six-week period in late 2007 at Ray Davies' Konk Studios in North London. The album features twelve new tracks and was produced by Tony Hoffer, producer on the bands debut Inside In/Inside Out, which has sold over two million copies worldwide since its release in 2006



The Kooks


April 8, 2008  It's an uncommon rock star who values his fans' tastes as highly as his own, and that sense of mutual respect and gratitude infused the evening with great good cheer.  LINK
April 2, 2008he's performing again at the peak of his powers -- as much of an inspiration now as he was during the British Invasion 44 years ago. LINK

Ray Davies to Scandinavia 02/08, 2008

10/04-08 kaa

  Clissold Arms “reopened”:

"Our only aim is to enhance both the natural features & atmosphere of the
 Clissold Arms & to provide a quality food offering." from a JOBO statement.

The doors of the Clissold Arms building are open again. Yes, the building is still there, if you have wondered, but that’s just about all. If this was my first trip to Fortis Green, and I was not a Kinks fan, not knowing the story of the Kinks and the Clissold Arms, it would have been a quite ok dining place for me and my family on a sunday afternoon - if we had been to church first... Yes, the church, because everything reminds me of a good old fashioned norwegian church cafeteria.

The service is pretty good, though. And the soup is not that bad, except for the pasta thing. But is it a pub? I don't think so. Not in my vocabulary. Everything that reminds me of a traditional english pub is absent, but first of all: The Kinks memorabilia is gone!  Don't fool me with formalities, all that's left is four rather uninteresting pictures of our band - a State of Confusion picture, some picture of the band from the 80's, one of Dave from Amsterdam -93 and Ray some time in the 80's (?). All placed by the loo entrance. Gone are the vinyl, the guitar, the history - all that made this place special for us and for those who appreciated it so much that they named it one of the famous historical pubs i England last year. 

It is raining heavy outside, but I can see no.6. The windows are covered with paper, there is work going on in there obviously. Is it being sold again? Don't mind, the Front Room is still visible, and Rock History is still there! But where am I sitting? Clean light green and brownish walls - minimalistic, so that my soul shall not be distracted..? The chairs with crosses and salmbook wallets suddenly make sense... The restaurant menues are in black with golden letters, placed perfectly in line. The door handles are in brass. Is Mr.Black here, I wonder, when I taste the soup. The bar downstairs is gone, a sofa corner has taken its place.

At one of the tables the chief is working on her accounts. She looks at me when I take pictures, as if she remembers some story at Whykinks and an internet campaign. She sends one of her employees over to me with a magazine to read. There are articles about how the modern gastropubs save the country. Interesting, but they don't save me. I just keep my eyes on no.6, and pretend I'm in a pub called The Clissold Arms.





 ROLLING STONE MAGAZIN 3/23/07, 2:38 pm EST :
 "Gastropubs are eating establishment  
 manifestations of social trend, 
 rock history is forever." 
"completely misinterpreted and untrue"

= ?

2 April 2007. 
The new tenant of the Clissold Arms, Caroline Jones of Jobo Developments, has made the following statement;

'We are thrilled to have secured the site of The Clissold Arms for our next venture. It will reopen as a gastropub this summer, following a major refurbishment.

In respect to the Kinks Memorabilia & subsequent historical connection to the Clissold Arms, I would like to confirm the following:

We have no intention of removing it from the building; at no point did I use the word 'auction'- or state that the Kinks historical connection to the Clissold was not in keeping with the way we wish to run the Pub.

Our only aim is to enhance both the natural features & atmosphere of the Clissold Arms & to provide a quality food offering.

Our recent comments in the Muswell Hill Journal on this matter were completely misinterpreted and untrue.'


"Our only aim is to enhance both the natural features & atmosphere of the Clissold Arms"


"1 drink per band member on stage."
Greetings! The Minks are playing a crazy hot show on Friday (yes!) March 14. We're ecstatic to be playing with The Uptones, who are all the ska a girl could ever ask for. 
However, we need your help. We have received OFFICIAL communication from the show promoter: "1 drink per band member on stage." Confusion! Does that mean each band member must have exactly one drink on stage? Or that there must be one drink per band member on stage, but it doesn't matter how they're distributed? Could one of us have two drinks if another doesn't have her one? And does "on stage" refer to the drink or the band member? If a band member is off stage, can she have no drinks, or more than one drink? We desperately need to know how to interpret these instructions as there is much at stake for you, the audience. The quality of your experience will likely be affected. If anyone can answer the questions above, please contact us immediately. 
Everyone else, come the show — and wear shoes you can dance in. A lot. Friday March 14 Balazo Gallery 2183 Mission St., SF (415) 255-7227 The Minks 11 p.m./The Uptones at midnight $8 / Doors open at 8:30 Rock! Jen, Stacy, Cherie, Linda, Marie               
NOW!  "Working Man's Cafe" Ray Davies  59 reviews 13 countries
Today the PC come back from the hospital. 
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Ray - The New Yorker
".... for many years, in stretches from the seventies into the nineties, Ray Davies was, very quietly, a New Yorker—an Upper West Sider, a regular at Zabar’s and Café Lux. He had an apartment in the West Seventies near Central Park West....."

More inn The New Yorker: 

 Sex Pistols, Kinks define Englishness digitalspy.co.uk 17/2  
Ray on "The Late Show With David Letterman" 
Ray Davies, lead singer of the Kinks, would probably never make it past the audition round of "American Idol," but Randy Jackson had better keep his mouth shut while the legendary rocker performs as they both appear on "The Late Show With David Letterman" (10:35 p.m., WCCO, Ch. 4).

Ray DaviesDavies, Sufjan star at Tibet House Benefit
15/2, 2008 Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.
Ray Davies, Sufjan Stevens and Band Of Horses stole the show at the 2008 Tibet House benefit concert, held last night 13/2 at New York's Carnegie Hall.
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Dave Davies: "Kinks fans love that kind of weird shit; they are all crazy."

Classic Rock Revisited:
Living on a Thin Line: 
An Interview with the Kinks Dave Davies 
 By Jeb Wright
"What follows is an interview that sees Dave releasing his first solo album since suffering a stroke.  We also discuss his turbulent relationship with his brother Ray and some of the Kinks most famous songs"
                                                                    Use the link now!

Estranged rockers might reunite
An Article on 2008 reunion (possible)
Led Zeppelin, The Pogues, The Kinks, The B-52s, My Bloody Valentine, The Jam, The Verve, The Jackson 5

About The Kinks they write:
The beloved architects of British garage rock, The Kinks are the only British Invasion band with all original members still alive. Leader Ray Davies told the British press last month that he'd like to get together with the original lineup for a reunion to commemorate a long-overdue box set due this year.

Who's left: Brothers Dave and Ray Davies, bassist Pete Quaife and drummer Mick Avory, the original lineup that has not played together as a whole since 1969.

Danger: Ray and Dave are rock's most famous feuding brothers, making the Gallaghers in Oasis look like the Hardy Boys.

Reality check: No confirmed dates yet. On his Web site, Dave Davies wrote, "I wouldn't mind or rather consider doing some shows with Ray purely in respect for the great body of work we have both been fortunate to have been involved in over the years. And for the fans, of course. And the money. Don't forget the money.""

15.02.08 kaa

Click on the picture, and you will learn more about Dave and  Ray's new albumwww.nashvillescene.com February 14, 2008:
The Accidental Tourist
"Kinks’ frontman Ray Davies explores his American fascinations in his latest Nashville-recorded effort." 
Edd Hurt with great article about Ray, "The Working Man's Café" and producer Ray Kennedy.
15.02.08 kaa

Congratulation Dave! (61)
David Russell Gordon Davies was born 3 February 1947, in Fortis Green, London, England.

Link                                        Dave in Little Green Street 

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Our PC went ill today, the editors.
 Kinda Kinks concerts spring 2008: 
Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 January, 2008:  Los Angeles, CA, January 14, 2008–
“This tour will be a Spring Break Orgy to remember,” says Turbonegro’s Hank von Helvete on the subject The Volcom Tour Europe 2008, whose band Turbonegro will  be headlining this March.
kaa 19/01-08




 Sunday, January 20, 2008.  Beth's Music Moment Today is about The Kinks. Link

thewest.com.au:18th January 2008, 9:45 WST 
Ray Davies added to Blues Festival
Legendary Kinks frontman Ray Davies and one of Bob Marley's original Wailers, Bunny Wailer, have been added to the line-up of the 2008 East Coast Blues and Roots music festival.
kaa 19/01-08




HARP January 17, 2008 Fred Mills:
Ray Davies Gets Deluxe Treatment on New Album
Ray Davies’ new albumWorking Man’s Café, due Feb. 19, is getting an elaborate sendoff from New West Records. In addition to the single disc version, there will be a Deluxe CD/DVD edition, a digital download edition and also high quality 180g Vinyl.
You can view a video preview of the film at this New West link.
kaa 19/01-08 youtube link
THE MINKS The Bottom of The Hill 04 Feb 2008, 18:00 (9:40pm to10:40pm) 1233 17th st san francisco, 
California United States View Map  tickets
kaa 19/01-08



18/01-08 kaa
Tuesday, January 15, 2008, The Song In My Head Today:
"I Go To Sleep" / The Kinks
"You can usually tell a true Kinks fan by whether they know this song--surely the greatest unreleased song in the Kinks catalogue. This song is so plangent, so haunting, so unforgettable--it could have been a hit, should have been a massive hit."
16/01-08 kaa                      

another one

The Kinks to Reunite?
1/2/2008 By Jess Zalameda
Rumours of a possible tour and new recording from the four original members of British rock pioneers the Kinks – Ray and Dave Davies, Mick Avory and Pete Quaife – may very well come to fruition in 2008. But this depends on whom you choose to believe.  Read more? Use the link.

18:46, 6/1-08 kaa

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