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 21 May 1943   Enfield, Middlesex          
     Cheshunt Secondary Modern School          
November 1958 first ever public performance Rye House Dog Track          
1959 - 1962   "Danny King and The Bluejacks"          
1962 - 1966   Mark Four     MySpace    

KOK : What was your first public performance?

JD : My first ever public performance was November 1958, at a very cold Rye House Dog Track. I was a very shy 15 year old, I didnít have a bass, I had a six string guitar but couldnít play a note, I just stood there pretending to play, while people walked in & out with their greyhounds. Very frightening.  (We got paid 12 Shillings between the five of us!) LINK

Although successful locally, The Bluejacks recordings of "Say Mama" and Vince Taylor's rockabilly "Brand New Cadillac" did not feature in the UK Singles Chart,

Mark Four along with Mick 'Spud' Thompson (rhythm guitar), Eddie Phillips (lead guitar), Jack Jones (drums) and Kenny Pickett (vocals). Mark Four quickly became one of the most popular live bands in North London and shared billing with other London based groups such as The High Numbers (later to become The Who), Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, and even sharing a stage with Little Eva.

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