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A few years after I had left The Kinks,

I met up with Mark Four guitarist, Eddie Phillips, who had by then left Creation, and we formed a band to raise money for  Leukaemia, called “The Bullettes”. That led to us forming a new band, “The Cuckoo’s Nest” with Mike Richardson, Steve Phelps and James Hayford, (Jimmy Virgo in The Bluejacks) We were playing four times a week in the 80s., including a regular  Friday gig at our own Rock & Roll club in Cheshunt. (from Johns website)

8 November 1976 left the Kinks            
summer of 1976 rehearsing and recording "Sleepwalker"          
31st March 1976 last Kinks gig The Congress Centrum Hamburg        


Wikipedia: On 8 November 1976 Dalton finally left the Kinks, after spending most of the summer of 1976 rehearsing and recording Sleepwalker. His replacement was former Blodwyn Pig bass player Andy Pyle.

1980s Cuckoo’s Nest

Bass Guitar John Dalton

Drums Mike Richardson

Vocals Steve Phelps

Lead Guitar / Vocals Eddie Phillips

cuckoos nest

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