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The Creation          
The Kinks          
Thursday  9 June 1966, interview Carling Music, Savile Row      
afternoon- 07.00   Top Of The Pops      
9.00-01.00 in the studio tried to learn 20 songs      
Friday 10th June   Ray shaves off ......      
Saturday 11th  two gigs Birmingham      
Monday off to Spain            
Thursday 16th Nordstrandshallen, Oslo, NORWAY*
    Landåshallen, Bergen, NORWAY*      
21th (26 June)? 1966   "Little Miss Queen Of Darkness" Pye Studios      
28 October 1966    "Dead End Street"          
?? 1966   Dalton returned to his job as a coalman.      
11 February 1967 married Valerie Russell          
1969   The Kinks          
5 April 1969              
 May 1969 igig Hotel Milkar, Beirut        
June   Arthur          
17 October   The Fillmore East, New York.        
27th Nov 69   Filmore West        
10th November 1969   Santa Monica Civic Auditorium        
 June 1971   Australian Tour        
2nd & 3rd March 1972   Carnegie Hall        
9th March 1972 Hollywood Palladium ()
14th Jan 1973   Drury Lane        
15th June 1973   White City        
8th June 1973   Royal Festival Hall        
16th June 1974   London Palladium        
23rd September 1974 Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
31st March 1976  My last Kinks gig The Congress Centrum, Hambur        


8th November 1976.


John left the band We spent most of the summer of 1976 rehearsing and recording "Sleepwalker".    


“We are strictly second class.”

The song features two bass parts, one recorded by Dave on a standard bass,
and the other by John Dalton
on a Danelectro bass.

KOK : How did you initially get the job as replacement for Pete Quaife?

JD : The Kinks were with an agent called Arthur Howes. Their top booker was a guy called Bill Fowler, who was a friend of mine, and also used to be The Mark Four’s road manager. When Pete was injured on his scooter, Bill was given the job of finding a quick replacement, it took him a few hours to talk me into at least going for an interview. The interview was on June 9 1966, at Carling Music, Savile Row.

I can’t remember having to play much, I think they just wanted me to look all right... and be an Arsenal supporter. LINK

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Auditioned as a temporary replacement for Pete Quaife on Thursday 9th June 1966 at Carling Music, Savile Row, London. Appeared on Top of  the Pops on the same evening at BBC Television Studios, London. The first live gig was two days later at The Plaza, Kings Heath, Birmingham with no time for rehearsals! This was quickly followed by a tour to Norway and Spain. The first recording session was on 26th June 1966 at Pye Studios, London for "Little Miss Queen Of Darkness". Recorded "Dead End Street" on 28th October 1966 during the evening session (without Shel Talmy !). Many tours followed until Pete decided to return to the Band.

Back as a a full time member on 5th April 1969 for a TV show "It's Dee Time". Whatever happened to Simon Dee ? First recording session in this second spell was in May 1969 at Pye Studio #2 ("Drivin" and "Mindless Child Of Motherhood"). Spent most of June recording the "Arthur" album. My first (eagerly awaited) American Tour started on 17th October 1969 at The Fillmore East, New York. The tour lasted nine weeks and included places like The Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles and The Fillmore West in San Francisco.

Early in May 1970 saw the arrival of The Baptist (aka John Gosling) on keyboards. His audition was playing piano on "Lola" (not a bad song to have as your first recording !). Baptist was then whisked off on his first tour of America where he was quickly taught how to consume large quantities of ALCOHOL (which he is still very good at today).

For the next six years we did many tours all over the world having loads of fun and drinking lots of beer. These are some of the more memorable gigs in that time :

· The first one - The Plaza, Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK


· Hotel Milkar, Beirut, May 1969


· My first Filmore East (17th Oct 69) and Filmore West (27th Nov 69)


· Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (10th November 1969)


· The 1971 Australian Tour in June 1971


· Carnegie Hall (2nd & 3rd March 1972)


· Hollywood Palladium ()


· Drury Lane 14th Jan 1973


· Royal Festival Hall 8th June 1973


· White City 15th June 1973


· London Palladium 16th June 1974