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  Oslo 21/5 2010   


The editors of the WhyKinks webpage welcome you to this John Dalton FanSite and Archive. 

The editors with families were present at the last Kinks concert i Oslo 1996.

Arve (one of the editors) had contact with fans from different countries. He told Kai (the other editor)
about the Konvents in London and Utrecht, and we understood that something exciting was happening.
We were told that three of the Kinks members (John Dalton, John Gosling and Mick Avory) and the
guitarist and singer Dave Clarke  had joined forces in a band called ”The Kast Off Kinks”.

Rumors said they made great shows, and we realized that we no longer could sit in Oslo waiting for The Kinks to come back.
 In november 2003 we took our spare money and went to London. And it was great fun! Beeing met by such friendliness by Olga and the others, meeting fans from different pats of the world, and we were especially glad to meet the flying dutchmen (what an enthusiasm and kindness!)

From 2003 we therefore have joined The Kinks Konvention (or is it The Kast Off Kinks Konvention?) each autumn in London.
We also went to Utrecht at the Dutch Kinks Preservation Society. And last but not least we managed to be present at 
The Kast Off Kinks 1´s Last Koncert in Broxbourne and the LastLast in Sweden.

The Kast Off Kinks is fantastic, they all make great performance.
And the then we discovered one of the greatest entertainers
we ever had met, with humor and humanity, with rock´n roll,
with the great ability to include us all and make us sing along and enjoy,
we can´t stop admiring – yes it is:

the one and only


 Happy Birthday John


Arve and Kai 


PS: We have taken a lot of pictures, so there is more to come. In the section of The Last Koncert in Broxbourne you can see how we intend to make the rest of the page. There you will find photos, videos, news coverage and alot mre. Just use the Arrows (One of Dave´s guitars) to move around, have a Look Here. 


Please give us a helping hand in making this page the tribute to John and his partners that it is meant to be.  

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